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Why should you consider studying in the US?

There are many reasons you should consider studying at a college or university in the US if you are living in somewhere else. Let’s take a look at  several popular reasons why international students choose to study in the US.


You can improve your English


Even if you are already quite good at English, there is no better way than living in a culture where English is the official language. Regularly using English will help you speak and understand the language better. English is the international language of trade, and if you want to enter this world, the US is a great place for you to go.


Make sure your English level is up to speed before going to an American university, though. Many schools require you to take a proficiency test (like TOEFL) before admitting you as a student. This also helps you feel less worried or disoriented when arriving there. Avoid using your mother tongue as much as possible to get the best experience.


You can expand your reach and relationships


This is true wherever you study outside your own country. Networking is a very important part of life, and almost everyone finds their career opportunities through the right connections. Overseas studies are great to meet people with the same area you research and who can help you find an appropriate job. You can also find people who will help you get useful information if you decide to search for a job back home.


People working in human resources often search for candidates with international experience and with the ability to speak many languages (including English). This means you will have a great advantage over others in the job market. The US counts many famous universities that can provide you with a similar advantage. And furthermore you can get work experience in the US.


You can live a new life


Some people choose to study in the US because it forces them to leave their comfortable lives. American customs and popular culture may require a while to adjust to, but you can still live there and discover a great many new things. You may acquire a lot of valuable experience you cannot possibly find elsewhere. There is much you can do while in the US. And you receive higher appreciation when returning to your country.


Another reason why international students choose the US is to experience independence. You have to choose whether to “sink” or “swim”, and you will have a chance to learn a great deal about yourself: who you are, what you think, and what you believe in. Studying in the US is a completely different experience from different countries, and you can get a lot out of it.


You can learn a lot about the US and change your point of view


US culture is associated with many different models. Living in the US will put you in new situations and you will always have to be prepared for new experiences. You will come up with many different solutions, and little by little you will realize the cultural diversity of the US. Although called a “melting pot”, all elements within this culture still interact with each other to create something wonderful.


The diversity of American culture also gives you a chance to learn about other cultures. You will be immersed in and surrounded by American culture, with viewpoints, values, traditions, and customs you will have to get used to. You can learn to rapidly adapt to new situations and grow cultural awareness. Being aware of and being able to adapt to other cultures are great assets for work at any company worldwide in today’s trend of globalization.


These are not the only issues you have to consider, but they will be the best start when deciding to study in the US.


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