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The DTU Nursing Major - A Golden Opportunity

Like Medicine and Pharmacology, the Nursing major has contributed considerably to the improvement of local health-care. Nurses know their patients best, understand their needs and help the doctors find the best cure. This is why nurses are trained to be able to work independently but always in close collaboration with the doctors.




In 2009, the Ministries of Education and Training and Health authorized the university to offer a Bachelor of Nursing degree, as a member of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy. In November 2013, the Faculty of Nursing was split off from the Faculty of Medicine, and a General Nursing major was launched, which has since graduated one thousand nurses to work in local hospitals and medical facilities. 

Đại diện lãnh đạo Bộ Y tế, ĐH Duy Tân và ĐH Fooyin (Đài Loan, Trung Quốc) cùng cắt băng Khai giảng Chương trình Thạc sĩ Điều dưỡng Quốc tế

Representatives of the Ministry of Health, DTU and Fooyin University at the ribbon cutting ceremony


As one of the three majors of Health Sciences at DTU, Nursing is currently the most popular. Over the past 10 years, DTU lecturers of Nursing have gained much experience working in the field. The university is equipped with special rooms with modern equipment, to provide students with ideal training conditions and access to advanced international programs.

Notably, the 3D virtual reality human body simulation training system, developed by a group of DTU researchers, won first prize in IT at the 2017 Vietnamese Talent Awards contest.


To improve the qualifications and necessary skills of both lecturers and students, the DTU Faculty of Nursing collaborates and shares curricula with three international partners, the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Pittsburgh, in teaching methods, assessment techniques and academic education, and with the Duke Medical School in Singapore, to improve the capabilities of lecturers of medicine.


DTU also works with the Organization to Assist the Integration of Vietnamese Women and Children in Germany, to share courses in nursing and nutrition, and organizes international conferences in the Health Sciences. DTU also partners with the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California and Mahidol University in Thailand, in health sciences and elderly illness research, which has resulted in the publishing of two international ISI papers. Six Nursing lecturers have received full scholarships to study for Master’s Degrees in Nursing at the China Medical University in Taiwan. This December, the Faculty of Nursing began a new international Master of Nursing program with thirty students, with degrees awarded by Fooyin University in Taiwan.


In addition, to provide real-time practical experience, DTU signed agreements with some local hospitals, including the Danang Hospital, the Danang C Hospital, the Military Hospital 17, the Ministry of Public Security Hospital 199, the Quang Nam Central General Hospital and the Family Hospital. DTU also partners with Hue Central Hospital, one of three, large special hospitals in Vietnam, with two thousand beds and five hundred expert staff regularly engaged in research activities. Medicine, Pharmacy and Nursing students can train and do internships at the Hue Central Hospital.


Grasping a golden opportunity


Japan currently faces a severe shortage of nursing staff, especially for the elderly. It is estimated that, in the coming decade, Japan will need between 400 and 600 thousand nurses and support staff to care for the elderly. As a result, the country urgently needs to attract foreign staff, especially from Vietnam, because of the similarities in cultures, lifestyles and emotional needs. Japanese organizations, such as the Seirei Social Welfare Community, are participating in recruitment.

ĐH Duy Tân và Tập đoàn Phúc lợi Xã hội SEIRE (phải) trao biên bản ghi nhớ về hợp tác và liên kết đào tạo

DTU and SEIRE (right) sign the MOU


SEIREI was established in the 1930s to care for tuberculosis patients, at a time when it was considered a fatal disease, and went on to become the biggest social welfare organization in Japan. With 9,000 full-time employees, Seirei provides high-quality services in the four areas of health, nursing, welfare and care. In June, they signed an agreement to collaborate on research, a Japanese language teacher exchange program, joint training and on-the-job trainee exchanges. Other programs will be developed according to need.


By 2019, the school aims to provide two or three PhD and twenty Master’s programs in Nursing. The DTU Faculty of Foreign Languages is also preparing to offer a Japanese language major. On March 6th, nursing students attended a course on elderly health care, presented by experts from Shizuoka University, one of the leading universities in Japan. Students met with their teachers, learned about the latest issues in Nursing and how to care for the elderly in Japan. They practiced language and health-care skills, which were basic but useful and interesting. Qualified nursing students will continue their studies and then work in Japan, which will be very advantageous in their future careers.


On December 27th, DTU and SEIRE signed a second agreement on career orientation, training and employment in Nursing. This is the perfect opportunity for Nursing majors at DTU and others in the Central region and nationwide to work in a developed country, increase their income and continue their education in an advanced environment, after which they can return to Vietnam to care for the elderly.


The Nursing major will become successful and sustainable and play a part in making the Duy Tan Dream of becoming one of the top 300 Asian universities come true.


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