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Need-to-know Facts about the General Practitioner Major

The healthcare industry today demands a mastery of highly-specialized knowledge and broad practical experience, in preparation for a successful medical career. To achieve this, students must work hard to tap the knowledge of their lecturers, senior postgraduates and medical professionals.
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1. Duration
- To qualify for the General Practitioner major, applicants must have excellent high school examination scores.
- They will train for seven years at DTU.
- On graduation, a Doctor of Medicine degree will be awarded. Graduates are then required to complete a 9-month residency program to become licensed, working in a hospital or clinic, as a Resident.  
2. What do you learn?
GPs learn how to work at medical centers, how to treat patients at home, how to practice prevention and on-going health care, how to organize and manage community health services and, at the same time, participate in education and research.
GPs learn about anatomy, embryonic tissue, physiology, biochemistry, pathophysiology, pharmacology, immunity, environmental health, nutrition, food safety and communication skills. They will require an in-depth knowledge of clinical medicine, traditional and modern medicine, dermatology, endocrinology, hematology, psychiatric pediatrics, tuberculosis, lung disease, internal nervous system, neuropsychology, cancer, traditional pharmacology, acupuncture, pathology, diagnostic Imaging and more.
3. Personal requirements 
- Love of work and medical ethics
- Careful, skilled, healthy and stress resistant 
- Good communication skills 
- Patience
- Well-versed in Chemistry and Biology
4.   Internship and Job Prospects    
- Graduates can work in hospitals, medical centers, medical training centers, research institutes, or as health sector regulators and managers in government and other organizations.
- In health treatment and management at public and private hospitals.
- As lecturers in universities, colleges, vocational schools and in education management.
- As researchers and specialists in the fields of Health Sciences, Medicine and Medical Technology.
5. The DTU General Practitioner Major
The Ministry of Education and Training approved the DTU Doctor of Medicine program in 2015, planned with guidance from the Vietnam Military Medical Academy. 
DTU already offered a Bachelor’s Degree in General Nursing in 2009 and a Pharmacology program in 2012. Admission requirements for Health programs at DTU are high. 
Kinh nghiệm cho Sinh viên học ngành Bác sĩ Đa khoa
DTU works with national and foreign universities and hospitals to enhance the quality of education
Courses are taught by experienced lecturers who graduated from some of best known universities worldwide. 
DTU has partnered with two big medical universities in the USA, the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Pittsburgh, and shares their curricula. 
DTU has agreements with 18 local hospitals, including the Danang Hospital, the Danang C Hospital, the Military Hospital 17, Hospital 199 of the Ministry of Public Security, the Hue Central Hospital and others, to enable training with experienced doctors and their patients.  
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