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2019 DTU Enrollment in Humanities and Social Sciences

In times of international integration and the 4.0 Industrial Revolution, Vietnamese and foreign businesses alike must recruit graduates in Multimedia Telecommunications, Law, and International Relations. However, supply does not meet demand. As a result, in 2019, the DTU majors in Humanities and Social Science have started attracting the interest of many new applicants.

Tuyển sinh Khối ngành Khoa học Xã hội và Nhân văn 2019


The DTU Humanities and Social Science majors included:


  • Law
  • Economic Law
  • Literature & Journalism
  • Multimedia Communications
  • International Relations
  • Tourism Culture


Students of Law and Economic Law gain an in-depth knowledge of matters such as Criminal Law, Administrative Law,  Civil Law and others to prepare themselves for careers on graduation. The training program includes assisting local companies, attending trials and participating in other practical activities to broaden their experience. At the same time, students develop special skills, including an advanced knowledge of legal reasoning, consulting, resolving economic law issues, and working individually or in a team.


DTU provides an advanced study environment and training in professional ethics, using the PBL (Problem-Based Learning/Project-Based Learning) teaching method. Law students participate in extracurricular activities, at clubs, court sessions and legal forums, to qualify for excellent future jobs in an international business environment.


The Multimedia Communications and Literature & Journalism course includes in-depth studies of the press, radio and television broadcasting, e-journals, advertising, graphic art and how to meet the challenge of solving and managing corporate communications problems. During their study, students will be supported by the DTU CIT, the DTU CSE, the DTU Silver Swallows Studio, the DTU Journal of Science & Technology, the DTU Media center and others.


Tuyển sinh Khối ngành Khoa học Xã hội và Nhân văn 2019

The International Relations major at DTU


International Relations at DTU has recently become a popular choice for incoming applicants and diplomacy studies, in Vietnam and internationally, are an integral part of this major. Graduates will be equipped with an in-depth understanding of international culture, economics, politics and social issues. The major focus is on developing mature, knowledgeable and self-confident students who can quickly adapt to different environments and careers. 


Tourism Culture is also an up and coming DTU major. Students study directly with experienced and dedicated lecturers in a dynamic study environment.


 Ways to Enroll


- Direct enrollment: based on 2019 MoET admission procedures and university policy.

- Based on High School Graduation Exam scores.

- Based on 12th grade transcript:

Points considered: subject 1, 2 and 3 results and priority points, if applicable, of 18 or greater.


Career prospects


Law graduates will be able to choose jobs in government agencies, social services and law firms, as Lawyers, Judges, Verifiers, Court Clerks, Investigators, Prosecutors, Examiners, Inspectors, Notaries, Councilors, Auctioneers, Legal Bailiffs. Lecturers of Law and HR professionals. They will work as teachers of International Affairs at universities and institutes, as diplomats, foreign affairs specialists or not-for-profit program coordinators.


Over the past two years, the employment rate of International Relations graduates has increased to 94%. Currently many DTU graduates work for the government or in other fields, in local or foreign businesses state agencies and NGOs. These include: Truong Thi Xuyen, at the Danang Trade Promotion Agency; Nguyen Thi Thanh An, at the Binh Dinh Department of Foreign Affairs; Le Ba Khanh Thanh, as Director of Entertainment at the Eden Hotel; and Hoang Tien, at PeaceTrees Vietnam, in Quang Tri province.

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