Pricing Communication Networks: Economics, Technology and Modelling

This book is about pricing issues in modern communications networks. Recent technology advances, combined with the deregulation of the communication market and the proliferation of the Internet, have created a new and highly competitive environment for communication service providers. Both technology and economics play a major role in this new environment. As recent events in the marketplace make clear, the success of a communication services business is not guaranteed by new technology alone. An important part of any business plan for selling communications services is pricing and competition issues. These should be taken into account from the start. Traditionally, engineers have
devised communication services without reference to how they should be priced. This is because communication services have been provided by large monopolies, with guaranteed incomes. The bundling and pricing aspects of individual services have been secondary.

Từ khóa: Communication Networks, communication market, communication services, mạng viễn thông, công nghệ viễn thông, kỹ thuật viễn thông

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