Explore ASEAN during the 2015 DTU International Week

On 15th May, the 2015 DTU International Week was celebrated to increase students’ understanding of the ASEAN community through many exciting activities.
 A musical performance
Visitors were attracted by many booths which introduced cultures of Britain, America, Ireland and ten ASEAN countries. They thoroughly enjoyed the multi-cultural festival and learned more about the ASEAN countries in English, with folk dances, traditional games and national cuisines.  

During a day of exciting activities, students gave special musical performances from the various cultures. Students also participated in a Trivia Game to learn more about the advanced academic programs and study-abroad programs, such as 1+1+2, 2+2, 3+1, 4+0, and information about the P2A programs. 
 Mr. Dang Ngoc Trung, Director of the DTU Center for Enrollment and Media presents T-shirts
Mr. Herman Felani, the Manager of Program Development, at the Islam University in Indonesia, was impressed by the International Week. He said:”This is the first time I have attended the DTU International Week and I think I have changed my opinion of my Vietnamese friends, especially the DTU students. They are friendly, creative and smart. They really tried to present Indonesia and other ASEAN countries through various ways, including presentations, music performances, national costumes and traditional cuisine. I think it would be a good idea to expand this kind of program to other universities.” 
Nguyen Thi Ngoc Ngan, of the DTU Information Technology faculty said: “I have had so much fun today. I had a chance to make more friends, communicate with foreign visitors and learn more about the cultures of many other countries. Participating in these activities has made me more self-confident and proactive and I was able to improve my English and other skills.”
At the awards ceremony, the organizers gave valuable prizes to the winning performances. The International Week helped bring students together to broaden their understanding of ASEAN countries in preparation for their integration into the community.
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