The 2016 Sand Sculpture Contest on Danang Beach

On June 17th, DTU teamed up with the Danang Department of Tourism to hold the 2016 Sand Sculpture Contest at Pham Van Dong beach. A hundred and seventy competitors from thirty-five teams, from universities and colleges and others participated. The event kicked off a series of exciting activities in the “Danang - the 2016 Summer Rendezvous” and “A Call for Environmental Protection Action” programs.
The 2016 Sand Sculpture Contest 
The contest provided an opportunity for beach-lovers, both local and foreign, to demonstrate their creativity and skills. Despite the intense summer heat, competitors dedicated themselves to their work on the beach. 
For four hours, each team of five was provided space to skilfully construct their sculptures and then present them. Many of them depicted imaginative messages, symbolizing the sights of Danang, including Marble Mountain, Ba Na Hills and the Linh Ung Pagoda. The image of “Protect Nature and the Environment” was manifested with a picture of suffering rhinos having their horns cut off, with their paws embracing small fish at the foot of a tree with no branches
Second prizes are presented to the Old Ant Team and the Red Team 
The sculpture of two happy turtles with their eggs on the beach, emphasizing the message “Keep the Sea Blue, Clean and Beautiful”, by the Old Ant team, won the hearts of the judges and was awarded a second prize of 3 million vnd. 
Another second prize went to the Red Team, with a work named “Mother Nature”. Two third prizes worth 2 million vnd each were given to the AB and No Rival teams and the Mother Sea and Bare Foot teams won consolation prizes of 1 million each. Ten other prizes of 500,000 vnd each were awarded to the most creative themes. Ten more teams with the best communicative themes won tickets for the Dragon Boat and five teams with the most impressive sculptures won vouchers worth 2 million vnd each, sponsored by Hong Kong Wedding Studio.
Tran Trung Duc of the DTU Architecture Faculty said: “I was able to make new friends and devote myself to my artist creativity. With ‘Mother Nature’, we wanted to show the harmonious relationship between human beings and nature, and call for environmental protection action.”
As a result of this highly successful event, DTU and Danang Department of Tourism made a significant contribution to promote the local beach tourism brand to Vietnamese and foreign visitors alike, as well as raising public awareness about the protection of the marine environment and its sea-life. 
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