Meeting to Welcome New DTU Students

On August 19th, a meeting was held in Bien Dong Park and at the Marble Mountains to welcome K23 freshmen. The meeting is an annual activity of the DTU Student Forum, giving DTU freshmen an opportunity to meet, make friends and develop soft skills by participating in games.   
Students take part in a “Dance to music” game at Pham Van Dong beach
The more than one hundred DTU students gathered at the DTU Quang Trung campus, mostly K23 freshmen, were divided into five teams named after the five elements of Chinese philosophy: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.  After a warm greeting, they all moved to the first destination of the meeting to take part in team games.
The K23 freshmen quickly took to the older DTU students and played their best to achieve the highest scores for their teams in games such as blowing up a ball with a plastic pipe with small holes bored in it, moving balls on the beach without using hands or feet, dancing to music and so on. The most special game was Solving Secret Letters at the Marble Mountains. Each team received four different secret letters. The answer of each letter was a destination for them to move to. The Wood team showed the fastest thinking and won the contest.
Students pose for a photo at Marble Mountains
DTU freshmen all had a great time playing their best and laughing out loud. The meeting will become a beautiful memory of their first days at DTU. Moreover, they felt more confident because now they had friends.
Nguyen Thi Hoang Tuyen, a student of the DTU Faculty of Business Administration said: “Today I made new friends and enjoyed exciting games.  I felt very comfortable. This is actually an interesting activity. I will surely become a member of DTU Student Forum”
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