DTU Wins Championship of Danang Information and Communications Sports

On April 24, 2016, the 5D Stadium Tuyen Son Sports Palace, Danang went wilder than ever before for the spectacular finals between the DTU team and the Zone 3 Mobifone selection. With fair-play spirit, delicate ball control shows, and skilled techniques, the excellent DTU team took the 2016 Danang Information and Communications Sports Champion’s Cup home.
The match between the DTU and the Zone 3 Mobifone team
Opening the finals match, the DTU players showed their skill and strength by quickly taking the lead and taking the initiatives on the field. Next, the DTU selection set the stadium on fire by repeatedly kicking the ball into their adversaries’ net, ending the first halftime 5-0. During the second halftime, the Zone 3 Mobifone team tried their best to retake the playing field and they counterattacked continuously, but they had to admit defeat before the solid defensive line DTU had set up.
The DTU team won the Information and Communications Sports Champion’s Cup
With their spectacular 6–2 victory on Zone 3 Mobifone, the DTU team became champions of the 2016 Danang Information and Communications Sports Cup. Contributing to the winning of the championship is the DTU player wearing shirt number 6 named Le Quoc Duy,  who scored a hat-trick in the finals and marked at total of 13 goals during this tournament, earning him the title of “player with highest goal count of the tournament”. 
“DTU participated in this sports competition with a spirit of learning exchange and giving ourselves completely to treat the spectators on the most beautiful spectacle,” stressed Dr Vo Thanh Hai, DTU Vice Provost, delighted with the victory of his team. “The champion’s cup is worthy of the training efforts, the ardent competitive spirit, and the passion for the pitch of the DTU selection.” 
The finals between DTU and Zone 3 Mobifone concluded the fifth Information and Communications Sports Cup, organized by the Danang Department of Information and Communications. This contest is held in honor of the liberation of South Vietnam and the unification of the nation (April 30, 1975), with about 250 athletes participating, grouped in 20 teams from companies, businesses, schools, and other organization active in Information and Communications in Danang city.
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