Software Application

Software Application

Training goals


- Knowledge:


+ Read comprehensively specialized materials in English;

+ Describing the status of the management information systems of some types of enterprises;

+ Assessing the pros and cons of a software application status;

+ Proposing specific solutions to software applications in order to make operations more efficient;

+ Planning software application launch;

+ Designing and managing databases for the operation requirements of some types of enterprises;

+ Building application software products supporting the activities of enterprises.


- Skills:


+ Leading groups of computer technicians;

+ Instructing low-level technicians;

+ Inspecting and supervising the performance of staff having finished vocational education;

+ Reading comprehensively specialized materials in English;

+ Installing and maintaining computers;

+ Using computers properly in office work;

+ Finding information for enterprise management on the Internet;

+ Partnering with software experts to survey and design software systems for enterprise management;

+ Taking part in the management of software development projects for enterprises;

+ Handling problems arising when operating application software;

+ Operating safety procedures and data security in systems, data backup and recovery;

+ Designing and managing websites for advertising and business of enterprises;

+ Designing and editing photos and multimedia programs for business operations;

+ Creating plans for inspection, maintenance and upgrade of software systems independently.


Duration: 3 years


Training program


- The duration is 60% shorter than the university level program;

- Practice accounts for 70% of the duration;

- Low tuition fee;

- English and soft skills are focused on.

- The training program consists of 105 credits in:

+ General subjects: General Informatics, Introduction to Law, Teamwork skills, Problem-solving skills and more.

+ Specialized subjects: Data, Windows, web design and so on.


Career prospects


Graduates can work at agencies and enterprises with demand for informatics software application in their management activities and business operations.

+ IT specialists at companies and enterprises;

+ Specialists in charge of consulting and transferring application software;

+ Software designers;

+ System administrators.

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