PSU Major in Tourism & Restaurant Operations Management

The Tourism and Restaurant Management major is the best choice for students who are devoted to culinary arts and plan to become managers in this field. They learn about food preparation and management skills in preparation for work in restaurants, at conferences, events and so on.
The DTU-PSU Tourism and Restaurant Management major is a joint program in conjunction with Pennsylvania State University, one of the top 50 universities in Business Administration in the USA.
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Duration: 4 years
Training program
Students will:
- Receive an international education in one of the leading training programs in Vietnam.
- Study directly under senior lecturers from PSU.
- Be granted 18-24 international-standard awarded by PSU.
- Learn about Vietnamese and international cuisine, the restaurant business, management and so on.
- Acquire the basic skills required in hotels and restaurants. 
Working skills
Graduates will be able to:
- Create a professional work plan for each department.
- Create menus and organize conferences, workshops and banquets.
- Take charge of catering and business planning.
- Bring service up to international standards.
- Communicate well and resolve problems effectively.
- Speak English proficiently.
Career Prospects
- Organizing events at hotels and restaurants.
- Consultants or managers at restaurant chains, banquet halls and elsewhere.
- Restaurant managers, kitchen operations and customer services.
- Sales and marketing staff at hotels and restaurants.
- Teaching or researching hospitality at educational institutions. 
Academic Programs


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