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The 10th live-streamed enrollment broadcast: “Study in Vietnam for an American degree? Why not?”

On March 26, the 10th live-streamed enrollment advisory session was broadcast, entitled “Study in Vietnam for an American degree? Why not”. MSc. Le Khanh Hoa, ADP Deputy-Director; MSc. Phan Thi Nhu Uyen, an ADP specialist; Mr. Nguyen Huy Phuoc, Dean of the Global Student Exchange; Trish Maguta, an ADP alumnus and Hong Phuc, an ADP student, attended. 
MSc. Khanh Hoa gave an overview on majors currently offered at DTU. Since 2005, DTU has expanded its partnerships with many well-known universities worldwide to introduce a variety of Advanced, International, Overseas and On-Site Study-Abroad programs.DTU launched the On-Site Study-Abroad program five years ago, including four years of study in Vietnam and an American-standard degree on graduation. DTU partners with Troy University and Keuka College to share programs in Software Engineering, Hospitality & Hotel Management and Business Administration. Armed with these international qualifications, graduates can expect excellent study and career opportunities.  
Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh s? 10: Ho?c Ða?i ho?c lâ´y ba`ng My~ ta?i Viê?t Nam - Ta?i sao không?
DTU lecturers and invitees respond to questions
Throughout your studies, depending on personal demand and on whether ADP conditions are met, you can also transfer to one of the partner institutions in the US for further study, in the third or fourth year. After completing the course, you will obtain a degree from the American university of the same international value as one obtained by students studying in the US full time.
Các cán b?, gi?ng viên và khách m?i c?a Ð?i h?c Duy tân trong Livestream Tu v?n tuy?n sinh s?
Trish Maguta, an ADP alumnus  
Trish Maguta, an ADP alumnus, said: “I am very proud to be a part ofthe ADP program. The course is taught completely in English. We may have some difficulties as English is not our native tongue, which is why we have to put extra effort into perfecting it.Our DTU lecturers are always ready to support ADP us in our studies and lives and, studying for four years under foreign instructors, I made new friends from other countries and acquired the necessary knowledge and professional skills which were vital in building a foundation for my future career.”
Viewers asked questions about the international exchanges and overseas internship opportunities. Mr. Huy Phuoc, replied that: “The ASEAN Economic Community, founded in 2015, has created many new career opportunities for graduates, both domestically and internationally. It is quite challenging for students, as employers have set even more stringent requirementsconcerning specialized knowledge, soft skills, foreign languages and informatics. DTU has focused on creating a truly international study environment and organized extra activities for students to broaden their skills, including short cultural PTA exchanges, academic and practical exchange programs of three to six-monthduration throughout Southeast Asia, the Learning Express program and international conferences.”
Potential ADP students were especially worried about their English proficiency. MSc. Nhu Uyên replied: “On arrival you will take a placement test to determine your entry level and select courses accordingly, motivated by both highly experienced American lecturers and senior DTU students.”
Parents and prospective students also wanted to know about ADP enrollment criteria and scholarship policies. A lecturer from the ADP office answered: “DTU offers enrollment based on the National High School Graduation Exam or on a three-subject High School Transcript. Depending on your major, you will select an appropriate set of subjects and, if admitted, you will be eligible for full or partial scholarships if you satisfy the conditions.”
Remote viewers also submitted questions to theDTU fan page inbox. The 11th live-streamed enrollment advisory session will be aired on April 4th, entitled: “Career opportunities for Law students in the 4.0 revolution”.  Be sure to watch it, listen to the DTU lecturers and decide which course is best for you!
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