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DTU students join hands to fight the coronavirus pandemic

Responding to an appeal made by the Danang People’s Committee to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the DTU Faculty of Medicine called for volunteers on their Faculty website. From March 18, hundreds of DTU students assisted frontline healthcare workers and the police at checkpoints in Danang to fight and prevent the Covid-19 outbreak, at the southern gateway of the Hai Van Tunnel in Lien Chieu, and at the Cong Doan Hotel on Ong Ich Khiem street, which was voluntarily donated to the city as a completely isolated quarantine facility. 
Together with student volunteers from other universities and colleges in Danang, six DTU students will take turns to work on four shifts around the clock:
- Shift 1:  06h00 - 12h00
- Shift 2:  12h00 - 18h00
- Shift 3:  18h00 - 22h00
- Shift 4:  24h00 - 06h00
During shifts at the checkpoints they will:
-  Instruct all foreigners arriving in Danang, without exception, to complete health and travel declarations. -  Monitor Vietnamese arrivals and departures, especially those returning from areas with outbreaks.
-  Check prevention measures on public transportation, ensure that all passengers, without exception, wear face masks and that antibacterial hand wash is available.
-  Compare foreigners’ travel declarations and their passports to verify consistency.
-  Work as interpreters for healthcare workers and international arrivals.
-  Provide support with accommodation and basic necessities for people in quarantine.
Here are some pictures taken on March 18:  
DTU volunteers help foreigners fill out health declaration forms
DTU volunteers hand out face masks to international arrivals
DTU volunteers check prevention measures on public transportation
DTU volunteers work a night shift at the southern entrance to the Hai Van Tunnel
DTU volunteers are on duty
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