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The 9th Live-streamed Enrollment Broadcast: “Career Opportunities in Finance & Banking and Business Administration”

On March 19, the 9th live-streamed enrollment advisory session was broadcast, entitled “Career Opportunities in Finance & Banking and Business Administration”. 
Dr. Doan Gia Dung, Dean of Business Administration; PhD. student Nguyen Huy Tuan, Vice-Dean of Business Administration; MSc. Le Phuc Minh Chuyen; MSc. Mai Xuan Binh; Mr. Bui Duc Anh, Head of Talented Education programs; Dr. Joan S. Gorospe; Ms. Dinh Kim Ngan, Director of the Vietinbank Han River Transaction Office; and Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, a former K14 student and Director of the Military Bank Hoa Khanh Transaction Office attended.  
Livestream s? 9: Ch? d? “Sinh viên ngành Tài chính Ngân hàng Khoa Qu?n tr? Kinh doanh t? tin dón nh?n co h?i vi?c làm”

DTU lecturers and invitees at the live-streaming

Dr. Doan Gia Dung overviewed the majors currently offered with the DTU Finance & Bank and Business Administration Doctoral and Master’s degree programs, comprising Business Administration, Marketing Administration, Corporate Finance, Banking, Commerce, Foreign Trade, Human Resource Management and Office Management. Recently, the Faculty of Business Administration in particular and Duy Tan University have been asserting their rising position in education nationwide, with 95% of graduates securing steady jobs straight out of university.
Facebooker Ha Nguyen asked for further information about the Corporate Finance and Banking majors.  
MSc. Le Phuc Minh Chuyen replied: “For a Corporate Finance degree, you must complete 136 credits, with at least 135 in General Education, (47 credits); Professional Education (from 83 to 84 credits); Physical Education; Education and 5 other compulsory credits. In Banking, you must complete 134 credits, with at least 131 in General Education (47 credits); Professional Education (79 to 83 credits); Physical Education; National Defense Education and 5 other compulsory credits.”
Many students were interested in enrolling in the 2020 DTU Talented Education programs.
Livestream s? 9: Ch? d? “Sinh viên ngành Tài chính Ngân hàng Khoa Qu?n tr? Kinh doanh t? tin dón nh?n co h?i vi?c làm”
Mr. Bui Duc Anh answered questions
Mr. Bui Duc Anh explained: “In 2020, students can apply for 10 majors in the Talented Education programs, including Financial Management, Business Administration, Strategic Marketing Administration, Logistic & Supply Chains Management, Vietnam’s Tourism Culture, Big Data & Machine Learning, Management Accounting, Artificial Intelligence, Business Law and International Relations. This year, DTU will grant 225 scholarships, worth 14 billion VND, to candidates who obtain consolation prizes or higher awards in National Skilled Student contests or at Science and Technology fairs organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, as well as to applicants with a total High Graduation Exam three-subject score of 20 and above. Students study in a professional environment, with foreign lecturers and the most advanced curricula. The classes of 45 students only allow them to interact more easily with their lecturers and approximately 100 international students are expected to enroll in the talented education programs.”    
Another viewer, Mr. Long, asked: “Many banking employees have been fired recently. I wonder whether students should really apply for Banking jobs right now?
Ms. Dinh Kim Ngan replied: “The labor market dictates the supply of employees and employers dictate the demand, so there will situations when supply meets the demand or it does not. It all depends on current banking requirements and the career aspirations of the applicants, which change year-by-year. For example, the personnel structure of each bank may be modified or their staff may feel that they have gained enough experience to leave and look for alternative opportunities.”
“Banks recruit annually depending on their development plans and available positions and currently hire 10,000 employees a year. At Vietinbank, we recruited 4 times as many annually in 2019 and 2 times as many in March and April 2020. You are asking if students should study Banking and Finance at present. Remember that banking plays an important role in our lives, because business needs banks and banks need business. It is therefore obvious that we will always need professional staff. In addition to hiring Banking majors, we also recruit graduates in Business Administration and Economics.”    
Remote viewers also submitted questions to the DTU fan page inbox for more detailed information. The 10th broadcast will be aired on March 26, entitled: “Study in Vietnam for American degrees? Why not?” 
Be sure to watch it, listen to the DTU lecturers and decide which course is best for you!
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