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The 6th Live-Streamed Enrolment Broadcast: Social Science Humanities Careers

On March 4th, the sixth live-streamed enrolment advisory session was broadcast, entitled “Careers in Social Science and Humanities”, to give parents and prospective students a clearer understanding of the DTU enrolment process. The session was hosted by lecturers from Humanities & Social Sciences, including Dr. Hoang Thi Huong, Dean of the Faculty; Dr. Tran Thi Bao Huong; MSc. Ngo Thi Thao Quynh; MSc. Vo Thi Kim Ngan; and MSc. Nguyen Dang Huu, Head of Tourism Culture.  
Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh s? 6: M?t s? ngành ngh? ki?n t?o trên n?n t?ng Xã h?i và Nhân van
Dr. Hoang Thi Huong, Dean of Humanities & Social Sciences
Dr.  Hoang Thi Huong said: “Our motto is that education is linked with practice and, throughout our 15 years of development, we have always focused on providing a humanistic education, with increasing flexibility, which respects diverse and evolving multinational values. Our trusted and expert lecturers provide the ideal environment for applicants who are interested in studying Social Science majors, including Culture, Journalism, Media and International Relations. Bachelor degree programs are available in Literature & Journalism, Multimedia Communications and Vietnamese studies, and a Master’s degree program in International Relations.”
One viewer, Nguyen Thao Ly, asked about career opportunities for Multimedia Communications graduates. MSc. Vo Thi Kim Ngan replied: “Multimedia Communications is an interdisciplinary major, combining IT and Communication. During the 4.0 Revolution, this major will open up new opportunities for qualified graduates to meet overwhelming corporate demands in public relations, communications, and advertising, preparing them for careers as Advertising Managers, Graphic Artists, Content Editors, Freelancers, Copywriters, Publications Editors, Newsletter Editors, Newspaper Publishers, Web Publishers and Multimedia Designers.
Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh s? 6: M?t s? ngành ngh? ki?n t?o trên n?n t?ng Xã h?i và Nhân van
DTU lecturers and staff answer questions
Another viewer, Nguyen Vu, wanted to know more about the required skills for journalists. A lecturer from Humanities & Social Sciences replied: “Students will learn the essential skills, such as interviewing techniques, quick note-taking, photography, sound recording, filming, and analyzing and preparing reports for online newspapers, radio and television. Many DTU Literature and Journalism graduates now work for local online newspapers.” 
Tra Nguyen asked questions about the advantages of being an International Relations student. Her concern was addressed by Dr. Tran Thi Bao Huong, who said: “At the same time as acquiring an in-depth education in world affairs, economics, culture, history and language, students develop communication, presentation, negotiation, individual, teamwork and English skills. Graduates will be versatile and acquire a profound insight into monitoring and analyzing problems globally.” 
The 6th live-streamed enrolment broadcast
MSc. Nguyen Dang Huu added: “Vietnamese Studies is a discipline including lectures, research, providing an in-depth education on Vietnamese history, culture, language and geography, with additional specialized interdisciplinary options, such as Regional Studies. This major draws on both national and international research conducted on Vietnam. An outstanding feature is that the Tourism Culture major is tailored to provide graduates with immediate employment by teaching extra special skills, such as hosting groups, presenting, organizing events and guiding tours.”
Remote viewers submitted their questions to the DTU fanpage inbox, asking for more details about specialized subjects, professional skills, internship and career opportunities. The 7th broadcast, to be aired on March 3, is entitled: “The Corona Virus”. Be sure to watch it, listen and learn how you should respond to the disease!
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