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Fifth Enrollment Live-Stream: Employment Opportunities from Advanced, International, Overseas, and On-Site Study-Abroad Programs

On February 29, DTU broadcast its fifth enrollment live-stream about “Employment Opportunities from Advanced, International, Overseas, and On-Site Study-Abroad Programs”, which was of great interest to the many parent and high school viewers.
PhD student Nguyen Duc Man, Dean of the CMU International School program; Dr. Tran Van Duc, Vice-Dean of CSU; Dr. Trinh Le Tan, Vice-Dean of PSU; MSc Vo Thi Phuong Oanh, LTC Director; MSc Le Thi Khanh Hoa, ADP Deputy-Director; MSc Phan Thi Nhu Uyen, an ADP enrollment expert; and Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh, a K16CMUTTT alumnus and marketing executive at Sun World, attended. They answered questions from parents and applicants about the issues relating to the university’s Advanced, International, Overseas and On-Site Study-Abroad training programs.
Cán b?, gi?ng viên và khách m?i c?a Ð?i h?c Duy Tân tham gia gi?i dáp th?c m?c t?i Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh s? 5
DTU lecturers and staff respond to questions
Thuy Ai Tran asked, “I’d like to study abroad sometime. Do foreign students enroll in these programs and would we also have the opportunity to study abroad?”
The answer was that DTU currently has several International, Overseas, and On-Site Study-Abroad programs, shared with universities in developed countries. These allow you to study alongside many students from other countries, including the ASEAN region. During the programs, you can take part in foreign internship exchange programs in South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, or transfer to one of DTU’s partners in America. 
TS. Peter Nyheim gi?i dáp th?c m?c c?a các thí sinh t?i Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh s? 5
MSc Le Thi Khanh Hoa, ADP Deputy-Director answers questions
Nguyen Thao Ly was interested in DTU’s overseas study partnership programs and asked, “Which schools does DTU currently partner with and what are the necessary qualifications to study abroad?” 
MSc Vo Thi Phuong Oanh explained: “DTU currently has overseas programs with Appalachian State University and Medaille College in the US and with Coventry University in the UK. To study abroad, you need to complete the first one or two years following the syllabus of the foreign university, have a total grade of 2.5/4 or higher (credit based grades), have an IELTS score of 5.0 - 5.5 or higher and have certain financial guarantees, depending on the school. Once you receive an invitation letter from the partner school, DTU will help you with your student visa application, interview training and other complementary consulting services.”
Viewer Vinhputa asked, “I heard that you can get an American university degree, even if you don’t study in the US, after four years in an On-Site Study-Abroad program. Is the value of this degree different from other university degrees?” 
MSc Khanh Hoa and MSc Nhu Uyen replied: “The main advantage of enrolling in an On-Site Study-Abroad program is that the tuition fees are much lower than if you study in the US. The accredited degree is equivalent in level to the one awarded after full-time study in the US and recognized worldwide, opening up many new career opportunities for you on graduation.”
Hung Minh and other viewers were concerned about the English language admission requirements for DTU’s Advanced, International, Overseas, and On-Site Study-Abroad programs. The lecturers responded, that in the age of the 4.0 revolution, a knowledge of IT and English are now considered essential before working internationally. Firstly, it is vital to improve English language skills. Throughout the programs, the university offers modules aimed at improving the students’ English, with courses that cover the basics, following a curriculum and study materials completely in English, taught by foreign lecturers.
Remote viewers also submitted their questions to the DTU fan page inbox, asking for more details about DTU tuition, scholarships and the ratio of graduates finding employment. The sixth enrollment live-stream will be aired at 8:45am on March 4, entitled: “A Selection of Social Science & Humanities Based Majors”. 
Be sure to watch it, listen to the DTU lecturers and decide which course is best for you!
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