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Fourth live-streamed enrolment broadcast: Smart Tourism 4.0

On February 27, the fourth live-streamed enrolment advisory session was broadcast, entitled “Smart Tourism 4.0”, which gave parents and prospective students a clearer understanding of the DTU enrolment process. The session was hosted by Associate Professor Lim Sang Taek, Director of the DTU Institute for Hospitality Training and Research; Dr. Peter Nyheim from Penn State University; Dr. Cho Minje; Dr. Paya Hsu; MSc. Nguyen Tran Thuy An, MSc. Ly Thi Thuong, MSc. Huynh Thi Thuc Uyen; and MSc. Nguyen Thi Tuyet from the DTU Institute for Hospitality Training and Research.   
Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh s? 4: Smart tourism 4.0
DTU lecturers and staff respond to questions
After watching the live stream, viewers voiced their concerns and asked questions, which were ably answered by Associate Professor Lim Sang Taek and other lecturers from the International Hospitality Management and International Travel Management faculties. 
- The Faculty of International Hospitality Management has 50 regular lecturers; 8 visiting lecturers from Pennsylvania State University and another 12 from local hotels and resorts, teaching 3,000 students Bachelor degree courses in Tourism and Hotel Management, PSU Tourism and Hospitality Management and PSU Tourism and Restaurant Management. 
- The Faculty of International Travel Management has 40 regular lecturers, all of whom graduated from well-known universities locally and worldwide, and visiting lecturers from Pennsylvania State University and teaches 1,500 students Bachelor degree courses in Tourism and Travel Management, Event & Recreation Management and PSU Tourism and Travel Management.  
Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh s? 4: Smart tourism 4.0
Dr. Peter Nyheim answers questions
One of the viewers asked: “What is a Smart Tourism and its place in the 4.0 Industrial Revolution?”
“To have a better understanding about Smart Tourism, let’s begin with Smart City concept. This refers to a city which uses the ICT application and other innovative tools to continuously update and access data online, to improve tourism services in Danang, for example.  At DTU, we use a book entitled “Technology strategy” and various applied IT training courses to prepare students for careers in the industry. They learn how to apply advanced technologies in tourism; how to manage hotels and restaurants; create tourism strategies, and other topics.” explained Dr. Nyheim.
The fourth live-streamed broadcast: Smart tourism 4.0
Another viewer, Hung Minh, wanted to know more about English training for Hospitality students. Dr. Hsu explained: “At DTU, besides providing specialized information, we initially concentrate on improving professional & communication skills to enable our students to work internationally. They are taught by foreign lecturers from America, South Korea, Taiwan and elsewhere, which boosts their English skills and motivates them in their studies. During the first year, we focus on teaching the students listening, speaking, reading and writing and later more industry-oriented English. Meanwhile, they intern at international companies to prepare for their future careers.”
Others asked questions about student exchange programs. Their concerns were addressed by Mr. Nguyen Thi Tuyet, who explained that “The Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism offers global student exchange programs, in partnership with 7 universities in South Korea, one in Taiwan and one in Thailand, to help students broaden their knowledge and experience of foreign cultures.” 
“Come to the Institute for Hospitality & Tourism to register if you want to join us. Admission and tuition fees are free for eligible applicants. Over the past three years, 60 students have taken advantage of our exchange programs and DTU has offered the ASEAN Internship Exchange Network program to final-year Hospitality students.  This year, we are offering the "Passage to ASEAN 4.0" program to teach you more about other ASEAN cultures and extend your practical experience.” 
Remote viewers also submitted their questions to the DTU fan page inbox, asking for more details about DTU scholarship policies. The 5th live-streamed enrollment broadcast will be aired on February 29, entitled: “Career Prospects for Advanced & International Overseas Study and On-Site Study-Abroad Students”. Be sure to watch it, listen to the DTU lecturers and decide which course is best for you!
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