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As Vietnam Ages, Many More Nurses Are Needed

Nurses account for 70% of the workforce at hospitals and in patient care. Although there are 132,000 nurses employed in healthcare in Vietnam, this number is still insufficient as the population ages. To contribute alleviating this, DTU continues offering General Nursing courses in 2020 and has attracted a steady influx of applicants over the years because of its high-quality program and investment in modern facilities and equipment.
Acute shortage of nurses
It was recently revealed at the South Vietnam Regional Chief Nurses Conference that Vietnam has the lowest ratio of nurses to patients in Southeast Asia. There is a shortage in many other countries, but the numbers reflect a particular lack of professionalism in Vietnam, with only two nurses per doctor, also the lowest in ASEAN. Vietnam must triple its nursing force to be on par with Thailand and grow twelve times to equal Japan.
DTU collaborates with many organizations to create a real-time international study environment
In 2011, the Ministry of Health reported that Vietnam had officially entered a phase of population aging, when there were two million people over 80. However, by 2030, elderly people will account for 18% of the Vietnamese population and 26% by 2050, up from the current 11%. This significant increase will force the authorities and educational institutions to improve the quantity and quality of nurses to meet future healthcare requirements.
Rejecting unqualified nurses
All countries require more nursing staff in the years ahead and some of them have already been taking steps to train sufficient numbers of qualified healthcare workers to meet the growing demand. For example, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, America and Canada have been recently hiring nursing staff from ASEAN countries, including Vietnam. 
Các giáo su t? ÐH Illinois ? Chicago và ÐH Pittsburgh, Hoa K? t?p hu?n th?c hành mô ph?ng y khoa t?i Trung tâm Mô ph?ng Y khoa MedSIM c?a ÐH Duy Tân
Visiting lecturers from the University of Illinois and the University of Pittsburgh conduct training sessions on the application of Medical Simulation in education
Many of developed countries reject foreign nurses if they fail to qualify. According to a report from the Vietnam Nurses Association, of the 892 who went to work in Japan since 2014, only 101 took nursing examinations and only 48 passed. This is the reason why aspiring nurses should select the best university possible to guarantee gaining the necessary knowledge and skills to graduate as fully-qualified professionals in their field.
Accelerating international collaboration to graduate fully-qualified professionals
DTU partners with the University of Illinois, the University of Pittsburgh and Halmstad University in Sweden to share curricula and invites American lecturers to teach, in order to graduate true professionals. As a result, DTU nursing students have access to advanced international training programs and can practice at hospitals locally or elsewhere to meet requirements.
The DTU Faculty of Nursing is staffed with team of highly experienced lecturers, using special classrooms and the latest equipment to provide the ideal study environment. The faculty now has five lecturers from the China Medical University in Taiwan, the first non-profit academic institution offering degree programs in Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology there. The faculty also partners with Fooyin University in Taiwan to offer an international Master’s of Nursing degree program at DTU. 15 lecturers have already graduated from these courses and another two will return on obtaining their doctoral degrees in Taiwan. 
C?n lu?ng l?n nhân l?c di?u du?ng khi Vi?t Nam b?t d?u giai do?n già hóa
Nursing lecturers attending professional training course in Taiwan (above) and the training sessions on the application of Medical Simulations in education at the University of Pittsburgh in America
The IT application “Using 3D Virtual Reality Technology to Simulate the Human body for Health Science Education and Research”, was developed by researchers from the DTU Center of Visualization & Simulation and is used in teaching Health Sciences at DTU. The application won first prize in the IT division of the 2017 Vietnamese Talent Awards and the 2018 Sao Khue Awards contests. 
DTU has also developed the MedSim Center, in collaboration with the Winter Institute for Simulation Education and Research (WISER) at the University of Pittsburgh, to conduct medical training and research programs and also signed agreements with local hospitals, including Hue Central Hospital, the Danang General Hospital, the C Hospital, the 199 Hospital and the Military Hospital 17, to offer students practical clinical experience with a wide variety of patients. 
The Faculty of Nursing has always focused on international partnerships to enhance the quality of education and adapt to evolving local requirements, especially with Japan, where it currently works with the SEIREI Social Welfare Community; the Suganuma Group; Glomed Pharmaceuticals; and JOOSS to provide students scholarships and learn Japanese in preparation for a career in Japan after graduation.
In 2020, DTU continues awarding preferential scholarships to General Nursing students:
- DTU scholarships: 720 scholarships worth from one to five million dong each for applicants with high school graduation scores from three to ten points higher than the admission requirements, including General Nursing applicants.
- 700 scholarships worth from 500 thousand to 2 million dong each for applicants with total high school scores of 22 points or higher, including General Nursing applicants.
-  First-year tuition fee reduction scholarships of 10% for 50 General Nursing applicants. 
- Students from Quang Tri, Quang Binh, Ha Tinh, Nghe An and Thanh Hoa will each be awarded 1 million dong if they enroll in General Nursing.  
- DTU is among Asia's 500 best universities by the QS in 2020.
- DTU is the second university in Vietnam to be ABET accredited.
- DTU is third in the eight Vietnamese universities ranked by URAP
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