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Third live-streamed enrolment broadcast: New admission methods and majors

On February 22, a third live-streamed enrolment consultation broadcast entitled: “New admission methods and majors” was held to give parents and prospective students a clearer understanding of the DTU enrolment criteria. The session was hosted by Dr. Vo Thanh Hai, DTU Vice-Provost; Dr. Nguyen Phi Son, Head of the DTU Training Department; Dr. Ha Dac Binh, Dean of Electrical Engineering; Dr. Dang Viet Hung, Dean of Information Technology; and Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong, Dean of Environmental & Chemical Engineering.   
Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh s? 3: Ða d?ng các phuong th?c tuy?n sinh & Nga`nh mo´i
DTU lecturers and staff
The potential enrollees watched the live stream, voiced their concerns and asked questions, which were ably answered by the lecturers.
DTU Vice-Provost Vo Thanh Hai gave an overview on the 2020 DTU enrollment policy, saying: “The Ministry of Education & Training has provided a draft policy effective in 2020. However, the closure of all schools due to the COVID-19 epidemic means that enrollment will be delayed. This year’s criteria are the same as in 2019, with the same three admission options, direct, based on high school transcripts, or on the results of the 2020 National HSGE.”
One of the viewers, Linh Tran, was concerned about the Tourism Resource Management program. Dr. Phuong replied: “According to the 15th provision of the 2017 tourism definitions, tourism resources can be both natural and cultural. The industry requires highly-qualified, professional staff and the program prepares students for careers in natural resources relating to tourism careers in the private, public and non-profit sectors.”
Livestream Tu v?n Tuy?n sinh s? 3: Ða d?ng các phuong th?c tuy?n sinh & Nga`nh mo´i
Dr. Nguyen Thi Minh Phuong responds to questions
Questions related to scholarship policy were answered by Dr. Nguyen Phi Son, who explained: “For the 2020 enrollment season, DTU will continue to award 2,600 valuable scholarships to attract applicants to the standard university programs, such as the On-Site Study-Abroad US degree programs; the Talent program; the advanced, international programs, using HSGE scores or transcript-based admissions. These include 700 for successful transcript-based applicants and another 720 scholarships for applicants with HSGE scores three or more points higher than the admission minimum.”
Others wanted to know more about specific subject content, internships and career prospects in Automotive Engineering Technology. Dr. ha Dac Binh replied: “As the Vietnamese economy develops and drivers seek more safety and convenience in their own cars, the demand for new automotive professionals has been increasing rapidly. DTU is now offering this new major in 2020 because of the population’s increasing car use. We have created a curriculum ranging from basic courses, like material strength, machine principles, machine parts, hydraulics, pneumatic drive and control systems, to more advanced topics, such as the internal combustion engine, automotive calculations, safety systems, inspections and accessories. With many years of experience in Electrical Engineering education, we are confident that we will be able to begin satisfying the need for staff in Central Vietnam and the Central Highlands. Meanwhile, career opportunities for Automotive Engineering Technology students are excellent.”
More viewers sent their questions to the DTU fan page inbox. The 4th live-streamed enrollment broadcast will take place on February 27, entitled: “Smart Tourism 4.0.” Be sure to watch it, listen to the DTU lecturers and decide which course is best for you!
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