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The opening of the DTU Press & Media Club

The DTU Press & Media Club was officially opened on January 9, with Dr. Nguyen Tan Thang, DTU Vice-Provost, journalists from news agencies in Danang, and Social Science and Humanities lecturers and students in attendance. Students took photos to upload to Facebook to save memories of the event.
L? ra m?t Câu l?c b? Báo chí và Truy?n thông
Dr. Nguyen Tan Thang delivers a welcoming speech
Dr. Nguyen Tan Thang, DTU Vice-Provost, said: “We are very happy to establish the Press & Media Club for our students to improve their news-writing skills and exchange information with experienced local journalists. Those interested in Journalism should join the club, learn more and help each other develop.”
The Club will focus on five topics; printed newspapers, spoken news, digital newspapers, television, and event management. This will be an ideal opportunity for Multimedia Communications students to meet and create their first news articles. In doing so, they can practice collecting and processing information, photography, audio and video editing and then the posting of articles on the internet.  
L? ra m?t Câu l?c b? Báo chí và Truy?n thông
Sponsors award gifts to winners of the Lucky Draw program
Exhilarating musical performances by the new Press & Media Club members were greatly enjoyed by the audience. 
With the guidance of their DTU lecturers and the journalists, students will be able to prepare themselves for their future careers and be motivated to demonstrate their creativity and love of journalism through their future articles. 
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