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Recruitment Opportunities at HOIANA

On December 26, the Hoiana Integrated Resort began interviewing and recruiting staff from DTU. Attendees included Ms. Pham Quynh Anh, Head of Recruitment at Hoiana, Dr. Bui Kim Luan, Vice Director of the DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute, DTU lecturers, staff and students.
The Hoiana Integrated Resort is one of the biggest development projects in Vietnam, with $4 billion invested in phase 1. This includes four different operating units, including the Rosewood Hotel, which is managed by four different hotel chains.
S? ki?n Gi?i thi?u và Tuy?n d?ng nhân s? c?a Khu ngh? du?ng Ph?c h?p Hoiana
Dr. Bui Kim Luan gives a speech
On December 19, the DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute and Hoiana signed an agreement to support each other in various activities, including education, conducting market and social research for Hoiana, supplying senior DTU students with recruitment opportunities for part-time and full-time jobs or internships, and training programs to improve employee skills according to rigid, pre-defined standards. Hoiana plans initially to employ between 500 to 1,000 staff.     
Dr. Bui Kim Luan said: “The close relationship between DTU and local businesses has widened internship and career opportunities for DTU students. Our partnership will improve education quality and locate talented and flexible employees to adapt to rapidly evolving business requirements. The DTU Hospitality & Tourism Institute will continue to support the Hoiana Integrated Resort in their recruitment and other activities into the future.”    
S? ki?n Gi?i thi?u và Tuy?n d?ng nhân s? c?a Khu ngh? du?ng Ph?c h?p Hoiana
DTU lecturers and students
Various career opportunities with attractive policies and benefits were offered, for waiters, bartenders, receptionists, housekeepers, customer care and customer relationship professionals, administrative assistants, network administrators and technical staff.
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