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DTU Advances to Finals of 2019 ASEAN Information Security Contest

The DTU teams excelled by winning first, second and third prizes in the Central Vietnam qualifying round of the 2019 ASEAN Student Information Security contest. After eight hours of intensive competition, the ISITDTU and ISITDTU2 teams both advanced to the finals in Hanoi on November 29.
Sinh viên Duy Tân vô d?ch Cu?c thi An toàn thông tin ASEAN
The winning ISITDTU team
On November 3, the qualifying round of contest took place at three different locations, at the Academy of Cryptography Techniques in Hanoi, at DTU in Danang and at Saigon International University. The contest is jointly sponsored by the Vietnam Information Security Association (VNISA), the Department of Information Technology and the Department of Information Security. This is the 12th year the contest has been held in Vietnam, with the 72 teams participating from 32 institutions nationwide and this is the first time the contest has been expanded to include all the other ASEAN countries. 
Dr. Nguyen Quang Thanh, Director of the Danang Department of Information and Communications, said: "The annual Information Security Contest aims to recognize and foster Information Security talent throughout Vietnam. In addition, it raises awareness in higher education institutions of the importance of Information Security, our responsibilities and, at the same time, promotes research and the exchange of experiences in this field between member countries."
Sinh viên Duy Tân vô d?ch Cu?c thi An toàn thông tin ASEAN
The ISITDTU2 and ISITDTU3 teams receive second and third prizes
Seven teams participated in the regional qualifying round at DTU, three from DTU, two from the Telecommunications University in Nha Trang, one from the Danang University of Technology and another from Quang Binh University. Teams are tested online in the qualifying rounds and finals. In the qualifiers, contestants are tested for eight hours, based on the “Capture the Flag” (CTF) program, overcoming challenges by subject (Jeopardy), modeled as a war game, focusing on network attack and defense skills.  
With 401 points, DTU’s ISITDTU team won first prize.  The ISITDTU2 and ISITDTU3 teams came second and third with 301 points each. Two consolation prizes were also awarded to the BKDN_SSW team from the Danang University of Technology and the QBU team from Quang Binh University. 
The ten top teams in the Vietnamese qualifying rounds, including the ISITDTU and ISITDTU2, move up to the finals to compete with other ASEAN countries. The eight others are the ust ∫du It! team from the VNU-University of Engineering and Technology, KMA PeBois from the Academy of Cryptography Techniques, Nupakachi from the Hanoi University of Science and Technology, z3r0_night from FPT University-VNU in HCMC, Y45uno from the People’s Security Academy, UIT-BEAN from the University of Information Technology-VNU in HCMC, Noobiens from the HCMC University of Technology and H2DP from the Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology in Ho Chi Minh city.
“The contest helps us improve our skills analyzing security holes, encrypting information, formulating defense strategies against attacks and protecting network systems,” explained student Thai Truong Duy from DTU Faculty of Information Technology. “Our team stayed calm, brimmed with self-confidence and was delighted to come first in the Central Vietnam qualifying round. We hope that, with solidarity and dedication, we will continue winning major prizes at the upcoming final round.”
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