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Innovative Teaching Method Review Conference

On September 3, DTU held an innovative teaching method review workshop, to assess teaching effectiveness and improve the quality of education at the university.  
Several presentations captured the audience’s attention, including “Innovative Teaching Methods and Significant Achievements of the DTU International School”; “Management of Health Science Students in Labs”; “Moot Courts in the DTU Law Faculty”; and “Improving the Basic Skills of Foreign Languages Students.”
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân T? ch?c H?i ngh? T?ng k?t công tác Ð?i m?i Phuong pháp Gi?ng d?y
DTU lecturers present their papers
Participants also discussed many issues, including “How to effectively introduce the CDIO and PBL educational models to students of different majors”, “Building Student Outcomes”, “Ways to Make Lectures More Interactive and Engaging, Integrating CDIO and PBL; and “Frequent updates to IT teaching applications”, to encourage and promote student learning and soft skills.
Lecturers pointed out the many difficulties and shortcomings designing curricula, evaluating students and reasons for poor examination grades.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân T? ch?c H?i ngh? T?ng k?t công tác Ð?i m?i Phuong pháp Gi?ng d?y
"Today, with learner-centered education, the role of the teacher has completely changed," said Hero of Labor and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President, at the conference. "In modern education, the teacher is not just someone transmitting information anymore. They now guide, support and advise their students to proactively search independently for understanding and knowledge. The teacher is now a key player in determining teaching and studying quality and the one who inspires and arouses student potential. The DTU annual Innovative Teaching Method Review Conference is a forum for the discussion and proposal of new ideas and for reporting on the results of various teaching methods, in order to ultimately improve education at the university. I hope that all lecturers at DTU will come to love their work and be evermore enthusiastic about actively accompanying their students on their quest for further knowledge."
In August 2019, DTU was the first university in Vietnam to have its Network Engineering and Management Information Systems programs accredited by ABET, the result of many years of hard work to put together a highly qualified lecturing team, focus on international partnerships and promote and develop an increasing number of research projects.
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