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DTU Scientist Receives 2019 Vietnamese Theoretical Physics Society Young Researcher Prize

MSc Le Tan Phuc, from the DTU Institute for Basic and Applied Research, was awarded the 10th Vietnamese Theoretical Physics Society Young Researcher Prize for his high-quality publications in respected journals and his many constructive Physics projects.
Nhà khoa h?c Ð?i h?c Duy Tân du?c trao Gi?i thu?ng Nghiên c?u Tr? l?n th? 10
MSc Le Tan Phuc
Over the last forty years, the annual Conference on Theoretical Physics forum has promoted education and research in Theoretical Physics and related fields. 
From July 29 to August 1 this year, the conference was held by the Institute of Physics of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology and the Theoretical Physics Society, in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh province. 
The objective was to encourage academic exchanges, improve research and increase educational standards in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. 160 researchers and lecturers from universities all over the country presented their research in high-energy, fundamental particle, nuclear and astrophysics; molecular and atomic physics, quantum optics and quantum information; condensed-matter physics (electronic systems, bulk materials, low-dimensional systems, nanostructures); soft-matter physics; biophysics; and interdisciplinary physics.
The society encourages, recognizes and honors leading researchers under the age of 35 with outstanding research results over the past three years. In previous years, three DTU scientists, Associate Professor Tran Hoai Nam, Dr. Phan Van Nham and Associate Professor Nguyen Quang Hung received awards from the society.
Nhà khoa h?c Ð?i h?c Duy Tân du?c trao Gi?i thu?ng Nghiên c?u Tr? l?n th? 10
Professor Dr Le Bach Thanh Cong (right), Chairman of  the Vietnamese Theoretical Physics Society, presents Young Researcher Prize to MSc Le Tan Phuc at the 2019 Conference on Theoretical Physics 
MSc Le Tan Phuc is passionate in his work and has achieved many things. He won the Odon Vallet prize for the best research students in South Vietnam in 2018 and was on the shortlist in 2019. He has published four papers in the Physical Review C, a leading nuclear physics journal of the American Physical Society. MSc Le Tan Phuc was the main author of two and corresponding author of the two others. They are:
- Renormalizing random-phase approximation by using exact pairing, Physical Review C 99, 064322 (2019);
- Study of bubble nuclei within the self-consistent Hartree-Fock plus exact-pairing approach, Physical Review C 97, 024331 (2018);
- Level density and thermodynamics in hot rotating 96Tc nucleus, Physical Review C 96, 054326 (2017);
- Effective restoration of dipole sum rules within the renormalized random-phase approximation, Physical Review C 94, 064312 (2016).
At the 44th Conference on Theoretical Physics, MSc Le Tan Phuc presented the first paper and the council awarded him a 10th Theoretical Physics Society Young Researcher Prize. He became the only winner without a PhD degree.
“I am very happy to receive this important prize,” said Mr. Le Tan Phuc. “Above all, it’s a great honor because DTU has already seen three prize winners and now myself. I admire and am especially close to Associate Professors Nguyen Quang Hung and Tran Hoai Nam. We all belong to the IFAS Physics group and were the three first members of the DTU Institute for Basic and Applied Research in Ho Chi Minh city. Associate Professors Nguyen Quang Hung is the promoter of my PhD thesis and I am proud to follow in the footsteps of my teachers to continue working diligently in this field.”


Professor Le Van Hoang, Vice-Chairman of the Theoretical Physics Society Executive Committee, said: “Le Tan Phuc, a DTU PhD student, has published four papers in the Physical Review C, one of the world’s leading journals in nuclear and high-energy physics. Because of his strong research capability, Mr. Phuc’s thesis promises to be very high level.

In particular, Mr. Le Tan Phuc previously won the Young Researcher Prize, for his in-depth study into the important phenomenon of bubble generation in nuclei, using state-of-the-art theory, partly developed himself. Mr. Phuc was voted unanimously for this year’s prize, despite the fact that he is still studying for his doctorate. The judges were convinced that Mr. Le Tan Phuc will be become a scientist of great renown, contributing to the development of theoretical physics, especially nuclear physics, in Vietnam.

I had the honor of chairing the nuclear physics session, which included advanced reports by Vietnamese and Japanese scientists studying at DTU, which is now attracting an increasing number of talented foreign scientists to work on vital nuclear physics applications for the future.”

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