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DTU Startup Center Signs Collaboration Agreement with Songhan Incubator

In the framework of the training course “Developing a Model for Innovative and Creative entrepreneurship in the Industrial Revolution 4.0”, the DTU Startup Center signed an agreement with the startup center Songhan Incubator (SHi) JSC. The signing ceremony was attended by Songhan Incubator Director Mr Ly Dinh Quan and DTU Startup Center Director MSc Truong Tien Vu, in addition to representatives of the two partners.
MSc Truong Tien Vu speaking at the signing ceremony
“Organizing startup activities at school is an issue all universities pay attention to and invest in,” MSc Truong Tien Vu said at the signing ceremony. “The foundation and development of DTU itself are also examples of a successful startup story - that of Hero of Labor and Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co and his colleagues. This is why DTU, conscious of the importance of student startup activities, has long ago introduced career orientation and entrepreneurship into the official curriculums of all of its majors. In addition, the university also applies advanced teaching methods for students to optimally exploit their creative thinking and their abilities. We hope that today’s signing ceremony will allow to broaden the entrepreneurial spirit in the university and to have ever more startup playgrounds being created, where students can realize their startup ideas.”
Signing ceremony between the DTU Startup Center and Songhan Incubator JSC
Accordingly, Songhan Incubator JSC will be the DTU Startup Center’s strategic partner in innovative and creative entrepreneurship, accept DTU students as interns and employees in the future, and support training and foster knowledge and skills related to the startup ecosystem among DTU Startup Center employees. DTU from its side will support the communication of programs co-organized by Songhan Incubator JSC to students through its communication channels (website, Facebook, Youth Union…) in addition to introducing individuals, startup ideas, business plans related to incubator programs, and contests organized or co-organized by the company. Both sides will also jointly organize events, contests, courses, conferences, and seminars related to entrepreneurship, and exchange lecturers and other resources to mutually support each other in the startup field.
The signing ceremony took place in the framework of the training course “Developing a model for innovative and creative entrepreneurship in the Industrial Revolution 4.0”, organized by the Danang Department of Science and Technology and Songhan Incubator at the 4th floor of the Vinadco building, SHi Zone 2, 1–3 Ho Quy Ly, on July 16 and 17. Several DTU staff, lecturers, and students also took this course to acquire new knowledge and experience from experts as well as to hone some useful skills related to entrepreneurship, such as teamwork skills through tower building, business idea development and business model canvas creation, and business resources and market exploitation.
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