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Four DTU Teams Progress the 2019 National “Go Green in the City” Finals

“Go Green in the City” is an annual international competition, where engineering students develop intelligent energy management solutions for livable and sustainable “Smart Cities”. Thousands of contestants participate worldwide. This year, four DTU teams advanced to the national finals and entered the top 30 in Asia-Pacific. 
The high-spirited DTU teams are always worthy representatives of Vietnam. This year, Electronic & Telecommunication Engineering, Embedded systems, Mechatronics and the ADP program made impressive achievements in the qualifying round and the four winners were:
1. The DT Energy team of Vo Minh Vuong and Doan Thuy Linh, with “Harvesting electrical energy from motorbike exhaust”. The system converts the heat emitted by several parts of the motorbike into electricity, using the Peltier effect, which is based on the Seebeck effect. The wasted heat was previously released into the atmosphere. 
Ý tu?ng v? “Thu di?n t? nhi?t th?i xe máy”
 "Harvesting electrical energy from motorbike exhaust" project
2. The H2T team, of Doan Quang and Nguyen Thien Ngoc, with “A smart system for measuring electrical energy and collecting data”. The system integrates the current, voltage and power measurements of a device in real time, based on an IoT connection. Data is collected and sent to a central computer for analysis and assessment. The energy usage characteristics of the device are then used to optimize the operation of the specific device. 
Ý tu?ng v? “H? th?ng do d?c và thu th?p d? li?u di?n nang thông minh”
"A smart system for measuring electrical energy and collecting data” project 
3. The Natural Energy team of Vo Huu Phuc and Le Thi Thu Ngan, with “Harvesting energy from sewers”.  The pressure of the flow of water in sewers can be used to generate electrical energy, which is stored in a charging station and can be used for street lighting, electric car charging stations and public telephones.
 Ý tu?ng v? thi?t b? “Thu nang lu?ng t? h? ga thoát nu?c”
“Harvesting energy from sewers”  project
4. The Minh - Vy DTU team of Tran Anh Minh and Vo Thi Tu Vy, with “Renewable energy from hot exhaust fans”. The system recovers energy from roof ventilation turbines, using their rotational force to generate electricity. The energy is stored in accumulators and fed to an LED system LEDs to light the premises. 
Ý tu?ng v? “Nang lu?ng tái t?o t? qu?t hút nóng”
“Renewable energy from hot exhaust fans” project
The study of renewable energy is an important part of the DTU PNU Electrical Engineering program, which was derived from Purdue University, and enrollment began in 2017. 
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