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An Agreement with CO-WELL Asia

On December 21st, the DTU International School and the DTU Faculty of Information Technology signed an agreement with the CO-WELL Asia Company to broaden internship and job opportunities for IT students.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân Ký k?t v?i Công ty Co-well Châu Á
The signing ceremony
Mr. Nguyen Cao Cuong, General Manager of CO-WELL Asia stated that entrepreneurial companies value the ability of DTU IT students and currently employ several well-qualified DTU graduates. He said: “DTU is well-known for its high quality IT education and has some of the best facilities in Central Vietnam, with access to international-standard curricula to meet increasing demand of students to build a strong foundation for their future careers.” 
Information Technology has steadily become a key major at DTU. Since 2008, the IT Faculty has been implementing partnership programs with Carnegie Mellon University in the US, for example, to share curricula and also collaborates with many local IT companies.
Ð?i h?c Duy Tân Ký k?t v?i Công ty Co-well Châu Á
Mr. Nguyen Cao Cuong, General Manager of CO-WELL Asia, speaking at the event 
The two partners will focus on scheduling training, field trips, internships and career orientation sessions. CO-WELL is a highly demanding and lively working environment, will assist DTU in supporting academic and extracurricular activities and grant scholarships to the best students. 
The meeting also gave DTU IT students an excellent opportunity to meet and talk with the executives and staff of CO-WELL. 
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