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Educational Uses of 3D Virtual Reality Technology

3D Virtual Reality Technology is widely used in education in many countries. However, in Vietnam, this technology is still not widely used where it should be, particularly in Health Sciences, Architecture, Civil Engineering and other applications. One university in Central Vietnam is applying this technology to replace traditional theoretical teaching methods and improve the quality of education.
Educational uses of 3D Virtual Reality Technology

The human body has been simulated at DTU by using 3D Virtual Reality Technology. The application has been developed by lecturers and employed in teaching Health Sciences at DTU for more than a year, and will be used to simulate complex diseases. 

It is also being applied in other majors, such as Architecture and Civil Engineering, to help students master a foundation of basic knowledge before beginning to experiment. 
3D Virtual Reality applications can be run on a computer or a mobile device, so that students can study anytime, anywhere.

Dr. Anad Nayyar, an IT Expert, said: “Personally, I think Vietnam should implement many more 3D Virtual Reality applications in education. It is one of the easiest ways to visualize different angles, often unseen by normal observation, and it could prove to be a powerful tool to help Vietnam catch up with the advances of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”

Despite its visual effectiveness, 3D technology has still not caught on at most Vietnamese universities, result

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