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A gifted High School student and her ambition to establish a national hotel chain

Dang Le Sin Uyen, from the Le Quy Don High School for the Gifted, bypassed the normal DTU admissions procedure by winning second prize in Geography in the 2018 National Outstanding Student competition. 

 N? sinh tru?ng chuyên và Khát v?ng S? h?u chu?i Khách s?n t? B?c vào Nam
Dang le Uyen Sin
Uyen was offered a full scholarship to the DTU On-Site Tourism & Hospitality Management Study-Abroad program, in partnership with Troy University in America. Her ambition is to establish a national hotel chain after graduation.

In grade 10 she participated in the April 30 Traditional Olympiad in Ho Chi Minh City and returned with a much-desired gold medal, thanks to her mastery of Geography. 

In both grades 11 and 12, Sin Uyen won first prize in Geography in a local city contest and, in grade 12, a second prize in Geography at the 2018 National Outstanding Student contest.
Despite being the top student in her class for several years, Sin Uyen always thought she could do even better. She found that DTU matched her interests and her strength in Social Science, so enrolling in an advanced international program at a reputable university would enable her to turn her dream into reality.

Taking about her plans in the future, Uyen said she was lucky to grow up in Danang, the most liveable city in Vietnam, with its mountains, rivers and fine beaches. Many people consider Danang as a future Hong Kong or Singapore in terms of the big potential of its tourism industry.
“Tourism has become a major economic factor in Danang, attracting a lot of investors from all over the world. I am sure that choosing the DTU On-Site Tourism & Hospitality Management Study-Abroad program will enable me to establish a national hotel chain on graduation. Frankly speaking, young people today see things quite differently than before. For me, both public and private universities have advantages and disadvantages. Students are looking for a professional study environment, on a par with those in the US, the UK, South Korea, Japan and elsewhere."

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