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Seminar on Nursing in Japan

On March 30th, the DTU Faculty of Nursing and the Seirei Christopher University College of Carework held a seminar on nursing in Japan. Professor Emiko Yokoo, Director of Seirei, Professor Kyoko Nakamura from Kyushu Otani Junior College and DTU Nursing lecturers and students attended.

H?i th?o v? ngh? Ði?u du?ng t?i Nh?t B?n 
Professor Kyoko Nakamura

DTU students learnt about career opportunities in Nursing in Japan. Due to its rapidly-growing elderly population, Japan has employed a large number of healthcare workers from the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam to alleviate the current labor shortage, which provides an excellent opportunity for DTU Nursing graduates.
 H?i th?o v? ngh? Ði?u du?ng t?i Nh?t B?n
DTU Nursing students

The Seirei Social Welfare Community offers DTU Nursing students a two-year scholarship program at Seirei Christopher University to enhance their education and professional skills. Nursing graduates will then work in Japan for 4 to 5 years, with an average annual income of 3.3 million Japanese yen, or 656 million dong.
Tran Le Thuy Trang of class K23YDD3 said: “Today’s seminar covered information about career opportunities and requirements to help us plan our future careers in advance. I am sure that DTU will offer us even more foreign partnership programs to broaden our internship and career opportunities.”

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