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DTU Researcher Appointed to Nafosted Scientific Committee from 2018 to 2020

The National Foundation for Science and Technology Development, Nafosted, under the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology, recently announced the members of its Scientific Committees in Natural Sciences and Engineering from 2018 to 2020. Associate Professor Nguyen Quang Hung, a young nuclear physics researcher at DTU, was one of nine people selected to serve on the Physics Committee. As a result, DTU is now the only private university with a scientist on any of the Nafosted Scientific Committees.

Dr. Nguyen Quang Hung receives the title of Associate Professor at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi  

Nafosted, founded in 2008, is a nonprofit organization which finances recommended scientific and technological projects. Its members determine and prioritize the basic research strategy of the Foundation. They select projects for funding, evaluate their performance and manage other operational matters.
The member selection procedure of the Nafosted Scientific Committees is well-defined, standardized, public and transparent. The objective is to select the best-qualified experts to evaluate and advise on the most effective investments in research. Associate Professor Hung was chosen as one of the nine members of the Physics Committee, based on his outstanding record of research in Nuclear Physics.

DTU researchers working in a state-of-the-art laboratory

Associate Professor Hung has already published 22 ISI papers, one of which was featured in the Physical Review Letters, one in the Physics Letters B and 15 in the Physical Review C. The Minister of Science and Technology, Chu Ngoc Anh, congratulated him and his research associates for their history-making paper entitled “A Simultaneous Microscopic Description of Nuclear Level Density and Radiative Strength Function”, the one published in the prestigious Physical Review Letters on January 9th.
In 2012, Associate Professor Hung also won the Young Researcher prize, awarded by the Vietnamese Theoretical Physics Society. In 2014, the State Council for Professors’ Titles awarded him the title of Associate Professor and he was one of seventy young scientists selected to meet the Prime Minister in 2015. He has also led three Nafosted projects already, two of which have been successfully completed, with one still in progress.

In 2017, DTU published 372 papers, compared with 230 in 2016 and 105 in 2015. 340 of these were published in advanced scientific journals selected by ISI, the American Institute for Scientific Information. DTU has meanwhile established new research centers and teams to accelerate projects in IT, Molecular Biology, the Environment, Physics and Civil Engineering. Thanks to its outstanding research capability and modern facilities, DTU has already received substantial funding from Nafosted for 32 projects so far, 11 of which have been successfully completed, with another 14 in progress and 7 just approved. Of these, 18 projects were in Physics, with 9 successfully completed, 5 in progress, and 4 newly approved.

For more information on the scientific research and the international publications at DTU, please visit DTU Published 340 ISI papers in 2017

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