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DTU Students Apply for Mekong Region Legal Studies Program

On December 8, 2017, DTU organized an exchange meeting with Prof. Daniel J. Mitterhoff, lecturer at Khon Kaen University (Thailand) and Chairman of the China-Mekong Law Center (US), for Law students. During the meeting the university also held a student selection for the 2018 Mekong Region Legal Studies program.

Prof. Daniel J. Mitterhoff exchanging with DTU Law students

Newly established, the DTU Faculty of Law is unceasingly striving to provide its students and lecturers with opportunities to improve their professional knowledge. This year, DTU students of Law will have an opportunity to take part in the Mekong Region Legal Studies program. This program is aimed at senior-year students, graduates, practicing lawyers, and lecturers of law at universities in the Mekong river region (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and several localities in China). It will take place from August to December 2018.

The 2018 Mekong Region Legal Studies program is one term long and leads to a certificate. There are four courses: Introduction to the Chinese legal system, Comparison of the legal systems of the Mekong river region nations, Comparison of government procurement laws, and Guidelines to creating projects and writing research proposals for funding. For four months, the students will be trained with a schedule of alternatingly one week in the classroom and one week of self-study. After completion of the course, students with good results can continue with a Master in Law.

“The Mekong Region Legal Studies program is completely free of charge,” Prof. Daniel J. Mitterhoff explained. “All your expenses - meals, accommodation, transport, daily activities - will be covered. And of course the program will put stringent requirements on students. Whoever is negligent during the course of their studies will not be allowed to continue the course. You can see this as not only an opportunity to improve your professional knowledge and your English, but also to train yourself in a professional and methodic environment. In order to enroll for this program, you only have to be a Law student and pass my English test.”

Students posing for a picture with Prof. Daniel J. Mitterhoff

During the course, students will compare legal practice between the countries in the region while building relationships with regional legal experts. After finishing the program, they will be able to make positive contributions to the communities in their countries. The first Mekong Legal Studies program in 2016 at Thammasat University, Thailand, received a lot of positive feedback from the participants.

The exchange meeting took place in a very lively and inspiring atmosphere. The students asked Prof. Daniel J. Mitterhoff endless questions on the 2018 Mekong Region Legal Studies program and on issues related to law, efficient English language study, and experience in legal practice. For Prof. Mitterhoff, most important is that students be dynamic - which should show in both their studies and in everyday life. Not stopping at giving the students clear answers, Prof. Mitterhoff also gave very lively and funny examples to make students understand the issues even better.

At the end of the meeting, Prof. Daniel J. Mitterhoff also interviewed students applying for the course. After DTU he will visit several more universities to enroll students. The list of admitted students will be announced several months from now. The total number of students in the 2018 Mekong Region Legal Studies program will be 20 to 25, with at most 5 Vietnamese students.

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