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Seminar on Stem Cells and Stem-Cell Therapy

On October 21st, DTU held the Seminar on Stem Cells and Stem-Cell Therapy. Dr Pham Truong Son, pharmaceutical chemist and R&D Director at the Hungarian Navita Pharma was visiting Vietnam and attended to give some information on stem cells and stem-cell therapy.
Dr. Pham Truong Son 
Stem cells are cell providers, Dr Pham Truong Son explained, creating all cells in the body. When our body is wounded or ill, stem cells take part in repairing the wounded cells and in replacing dead cells by new ones. Through this mechanism, stem cells keep the body healthy and free from abnormal aging and degeneration. One can say that stem-cell therapy is currently of major interest in medicine because of its outstanding results and because it can contribute to a new revoluation in medicine, the regenerative revolution. All current stem-cell therapy methods consist of transplantation of stem cells from external sources. These methods are limited as the organism can reject the transplant, and their complexity is the greatest challenged faced by medicine nowadays.
 Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Minh, DTU Vice-Provost, gives gift to Dr. Pham Truong Son 
Coming from the Hungarian Navita Pharma, Dr Pham Truong Son introduced a really effective method to increase stem cell production in the body. Instead of transplanting external stem cells into the organism, his research group has discovered a new method: stimulating stem cell growth by the organism itself. Automating clinical trials on over two hundred herb species, the researchers found a method to stimulate stem cells maturity in bone marrow by 200%. With this level of stem cells, the human body can cure abnormalities in its organs by itself, leading to recovery of kidneys, liver, heart muscle, and lungs while boosting the production of white blood cells and improving immunity in patients undergoing cancer treatment. 
The research led to the development of stem-cell growth promoter Stemax, licensed by the Hungarian Ministry of Health and for sale in the entire EU. More recently on July 10th, the medicine was licensed for sale by the Ministry of Health. The product makes a major contribution to increasing stem cell growth, used in preventing and curing cancer, diabetes, stroke, and immune system diseases, in preventing aging, and for patients with allergies, asthma, Parkinson, Alzheimer, diabetes mellitus, stroke, joint failure, retinal detachment, and so on.
Stem cell research is enjoying the interest of researchers worldwide, including in Vietnam. Dr Pham Truong Son’s introduction to stem cells and to the stem-cell growth promoter Stemax has helped lecturers and students learning about stem cells to gain new knowledge and to be informed about future research directions in this area.

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