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DTU Sponsors Coral Summer Camp 2017

On July 7th, DTU held the opening ceremony of Coral Summer Camp, taking place from July 27th to 30th.  This is one of the activities of the ASEAN Coralranger Project (ACP), founded by a group of young people interested in the marine environment in Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam. DTU is the main sponsor of this event.
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co poses for a photo with campers at the Coral Summer Camp 2017
ACP was founded in 2016. Its mission is to construct a community of people loving the sea and corals. Coral Summer Camp is a meaningful activity of ACP to encourage anyone ignorant about marine biology to apply their practical knowledge from other fields to protecting corals and the marine environment.
Vu Thi Quynh Oanh, a second-year student of the DTU Faculty of Business Administration, is one of the organizers of Coral Summer Camp 2017
Speaking at the opening ceremony, Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co said: “In Vietnam, environmental awareness is in an alarming state. The environment, and particularly the marine environment, is badly damaged. Coral Summer Camp will certainly have a positive effect on awareness and on the behavior of everyone in environmental protection. Let’s appeal to the community for protecting the environment.” 
The twenty campers in the camp, who have been selected from 540 applicants, are active and aware of the importance of protecting the environment, particularly the marine environment.  
Vu Thi Quynh Oanh, a second-year student of the DTU Faculty of Business Administration and one of the five organizers of Coral Summer Camp 2017, said: “In 2016, I was very lucky to attend the workshop “Ocean Inside Me”, held by the ACP. I was deeply impressed with the mission of the project. This is the reason why I participate in this summer camp. The ASEAN Coralranger Project promotes environmental awareness among young people.”
For four days, the campers will be divided into five teams. They will be equipped with knowledge of corals and life in an ecosystem.  They will also go for a field trip at a fishing village and will be instructed in the skills to set up and manage projects. The camp will provide eight million dong to the two most practical projects from those teams (4 million each team). In addition, DTU will also award the prize of “Accompany DTU to protect the Danang Sea”, worth 200 USD, to the two most feasible projects. The award ceremony is expected to take place on July 30th at DTU.

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