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The 2017 Eureka Student Research Competition

On July 22nd, DTU and the Ho Chi Minh City Union jointly held the 2017 Eureka Student Research Competition and Mr. Doan Kim Thanh, representing the organizing committee, DTU Vice-Provost Dr. Nguyen Tan Thang, lecturers and students attended.
Mr. Doan Kim Thanh
Eureka is a prize awarded to students all over the country with a passion for research, under the auspices of the HCMC Union and National University in HCMC. The prize encourages students to actively conceive ideas and come up with concrete solutions and inventions, in order to promote more student research projects.
DTU lecturers and students 
Mr. Doan Kim Thanh talked about the competition. This year, eligible topics of study for the prize included chemistry and pharmacy, food technology, IT, biotechnology and biomedical technology, education, economics, engineering, the environment and social sciences and the humanities. The organizers accepted entries from schools, not from individuals. Each school had to establish their own scientific council before entering the contest, assess their students’ projects and select the best ones to compete for the prize. Each school could enter up to ten research projects per field.
“I have organized the Eureka Student Research Competition seventeen times already. It has grown rapidly and now attracts large numbers of lecturers and students from many universities, colleges and institutions nationwide,” said Mr. Thanh. “It is seen as a prestigious prize and provides a strong competitive environment for young people with a love of research. Many of our scientific and technological research projects have received high appreciation from businesses for their high practicality and use in our daily lives.”
The Automatic Cocktail Mixer” project, by a group of students from the DTU Faculty of Electrical Engineering entered the 2015 competition and was adopted by the Y Tuong Café for its outstanding features, which interact with users to mix coffee cleverly and quickly.

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