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The final of Ideas Generation contest

On March 22nd, The Ideas Generation contest closed with the dramatic finals among the six best teams. DTU awarded a first prize, a second prize and a third prize to teams with the most impressive and realizable ideas. 
Representatives of each team present their ideas in the final 
The “Ideas Generation” contest was held by DTU Start-up center and Youth Union to give students opportunities to share the ideas of start-up and then turn them into real products. After one month of launching, the organizers received twenty seven ideas related to many fields and chose the six best ideas to enter the finals. 
The opposing team gives critic ideas in Antagonistic round 

In the finals, six ideas were divided into two teams to participate in Antagonistic round. Two teams had five minutes to present their ideas by orderly introducing about the team, describing the idea and the new characteristic, arguing benefits and demonstrating the practicability of the idea. After that, the opposing team would argue against the idea and the rest would have to protect their idea. The idea of “Website doctor - onine.com” of students from DTU Faculty of Pharmacy and the ideas of “Book Reviewer” and “Job for students” of students from DTU International School were chosen to answer the questions of the jury.

The idea of Website doctor - onine.com”, intending to construct a website containing the huge information such as the symptom, clinical diagnosis, medicine and the price of medicine of all diseases, won the first prize. The idea of “Book Reviewer”, helping everyone collect the foreign information without knowing foreign languages and busy people still easily find the necessary information, received the second prize. The third prize was awarded to the idea of “Job for students”, an application of social networking helping students find jobs and recruiter find the right employees.

Student Do Nguyen Khoi, a representative of team with the idea of Website doctor - onine.com” said: “Our idea came from the real need of buying medicine of people. Some people do not know the nearest pharmacy and the price to buy medicine when they really need them. Besides, if an online doctor can consult about the health 24/24 for people in emergency situations, people can feel more secure about their health. I believe our website will meet these needs. In the future, our team will write the software for the website and contact with pharmacies to collect data. We will try to complete the website to serve the people.”

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