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DTU Blood Donation Day

On January 12th, the DTU Youth Union partnered with the Danang Hospital to hold a blood donation day. This was the first DTU blood donation program of 2017, in response to a request from the Ministry of Education and Training to assist the sick and increase student community awareness.  
DTU students queue up to donate blood  
Held three times a year, the blood donation program is always attended by many students and staff, to share in the nationwide Blood Donation program to “Donate Blood - Save Lives”, “Donate Blood in Early Spring - Increase Happiness” and “Connect Hearts - Connect Lives”. 
Doctors and nurses withdraw blood from students 
Donors queued early in the morning, teaming up with the DTU Youth Union for the first time. Vo Thi Thoi of K22YDD3 said: “I was nervous but delighted to give blood. I understand now that my donation will help sick patients to recover and continue to live happily. I will give blood voluntarily again next time to help people less fortunate than myself.”

Seven hundred units of blood were collected, demonstrating the enthusiasm and social committment of the DTU community. 

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