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Arts Exchange to Commemorate the 91st Anniversary of Revolutionary Journalism Day

On June 19th, With “Fire in the Heart” as its theme, a Cultural and Arts Exchange program was held to commemorate the 91st anniversary of Vietnam Revolutionary Journalism Day, at the Hoi An Silk Village. Participating writers and journalists from Quang Nam province and Danang convened in an intimate and cozy atmosphere. Hero of Labor, Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, his friends and comrades looked back on their beautiful past, writing poetry and revolutionary newspapers, during the two big wars of resistance.
Hero of Labor Le Cong Co speaks

Hero of Labor Le Cong Co said: “As a child I already came to the revolution through the verses of To Huu. During the time I was active for the revolution, my enthusiastic Union comrades and I founded the ‘Huong Song’ newspaper, which resonated widely among the student movement of Danang and the Central Vietnamese provinces. Since I retired and turned my attention to education, I dedicated myself to writing my two memoirs ‘Nam Thang Dang Nguoi’ and  ‘Nam Thang Tinh Nguoi’, while introducing literature and arts into the curricula of DTU to instill patriotism into the young.”
Journalists sharing their emotions

Songs and poetry reading were performed, celebrating the love and comradeship in times when the entire country was battling with enemies, both during the war and in peacetime. Each verse, each note contained a myriad of emotions, feelings, and thoughts from writers and from revolutionary journalists, making the youth of today proud of the glorious history of their people and urging them to not stop learning how to build an ever richer and stronger nation, worthy of the highest of sacrifices their forefathers made for them.

DTU organizes this annual event to honor and pay tribute to the journalists who have accompanied it through its 22 years of development. These emotional meetings have become a bridge in strengthening the relations between DTU and the local press. It also gives young journalists an opportunity to learn from the experiences of the older generation and to spend an important and pleasant day with them.

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