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DTU Participates in the Tran Phu High School Folklore Festival

On March 13th, the Tran Phu High School held a Folklore Festival, including university enrollment and overseas study information. Local universities and overseas study agencies attended. DTU had a booth which attracted teachers, parents and high school students.  
Parents and high school students  
The annual event is held at high schools nationwide to provide pupils vital information about university enrollment. At the DTU booth visitors learnt about 2016 enrollment regulations, new courses of study and future career opportunities. DTU staff advised them on how to select the most suitable majors, DTU incentive policies, scholarship and overseas study opportunities. The Tran Phu High School students played lively games and danced at their booth. Everyone was happy to be given calligraphy presents by DTU students.
 DTU students present calligraphy to visitors 

Earlier in 2016, DTU had a similar information booth at the Phan Chau Trinh High School Folklore Festival and also implemented High School Practice Test Website, at http://luyenthi.www.duanvinsportia.com, assisting high school students to prepare for the National High School Graduation Examination (NHSGE). The new website includes more information about the NHSGE exam schedule and practice lessons online. Students can register, study, take the tests and receive results immediately. It is completely free.  

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