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The DTU Color Festival

On January 17th, DTU held a Color Festival at Asia Park in Danang, with 3,000 students  attending. 
Organized for the first time at the East Sea Park, in this year’s lively, youthful show, students delivered a series of diverse and attractive performances, motivated by the Youth Union of the International School, to demonstrate their talents, fitness and DTU spirit. They worked together with the Faculty of Business Administration and Asia Park to organize the Festival, with its colorful activities which thrilled the audience of students and lecturers. 
 Excited DTU students in the “Music and Light” Show
The DTU Color Festival started with some exciting competitions, including booth decorating, check-in, Flashmob and a Culture Contest. The performances, costumes and make-up were colorful, strange and spectacular, carefully planned and in modern taste. 

The DTU performers had great fun and attracted even more students, with their enthusiasm and spirit. The student booths sold food, drink and souvenirs at Asia Park and were an unforgettable feature at this year’s festival. The small, unique and reasonably priced products attracted the visitors. There were thirty booths displaying the cultures and national dress of the fifteen Asian countries of Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Nepal, Thailand, Cambodia, China, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam.

 Winning teams receive awards  

At dusk, the main stage at Asia Park was drowned in warmhearted cheers and shouts as the show began. With the latest lighting and sound systems, vivacious DTU dancers and young professional singers, the audience was entranced and overwhelmed. At the end, several prizes were handed out to the most outstanding individuals and teams for their originality and creativity. 

Doan Thi Thanh Mai said: “We were delighted to perform at the DTU Color Festival’ and learned many traditional and modern new games. We were able to demonstrate our talents and will never forget our sweet feelings and friendships.”

With these fond memories, DTU will frequently organize more entertaining activities like this one to bring students together and build strong teams. 

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