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Fire and Rescue Drill at DTU

On June 14th, 2015, Duy Tan University teamed up with the Danang Fire Department for a fire-fighting and rescue coordination practice, in order to improve campus safety.
The Fire Brigade extinguishing a fire
On the training course, firemen updated DTU staff and other personnel of on the basics of Fire Fighting and Prevention regulations. They learned about the use of campus fire-fighting equipment, such as extinguishers and hydrants and how to handle fire or explosions by cutting off the electricity, moving objects out of dangerous areas, how to alert the fire brigade and escape routes, which they practiced until they mastered them.
Doctors give first-aid to a victim and move him out of danger
In the afternoon, DTU staff and personnel rehearsed a scenario involving a fire on the sixth floor, caused by an overloaded electric grid. Because of all the wooden desks, books, electrical wires and office equipment, the fire could quickly spread. Using the knowledge they gained on the training course, university staff reacted well, by raising the alarm, calling 114, and proceeding to move furniture and people out of the fire zone. When they received the call, the city fire department dispatched ten firetrucks and crews to the campus. With their combined efforts, the fire was completely extinguished in 15 minutes, guaranteeing the safety of both people and equipment.
On May 25th 2014, DTU had also conducted a fire drill at DTU. The university always ensures that its firefighting equipment is in full working order and is inspected regularly, in accordance with the regulations.
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