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The Opening of Learning Express 2015

Learning Express 2015 began with a journey to traditional craft villages in Quang Nam, with lecturers and students from Singapore Polytechnic and DTU, from April 6th to 18th. Throughout the journey, they will learn about craft-making and familiarize themselves with village life and suggest ways of making the villagers’ lives more productive.

Mr. Sow Kin Fai presents gifts to DTU representatives
At the opening of the Learning Express program on April 6th, Mr.Sow Kin Fai, a lecturer from Singapore Polytechnic, said: “Learning Express has given the students a great opportunity to apply what they have learned in their Design Thinking course into the improvement of craft production. Learning Express is also an excellent platform for students in Southeast Asia to meet and exchange ideas and experiences and learn about each other’s cultures. A better understanding of the people, cultures and development in other ASEAN countries will allow them to make better career choices.”

Students from SP and DTU talked about the Vietnamese culture, languages and traditional festivals. Azroy, a student from Singapore Polytechnic, said: “This is my first visit to DTU and I am very impressed by the friendliness and enthusiasm of the lecturers and students. I have learnt many interesting things about Vietnam and the culture. We will definitely share some exciting experiences and good memories with DTU students during our time here.”
Students and lecturers from SP and DTU

The students will work with villagers in Duy Xuyen and Que Son in the Quang Nam Province, where they learn about weaving thread into cloth, weaving bamboo and broom-making for two weeks. They will research ways of helping the villagers improve their productivity. The students will also go sightseeingto scenic locations in Danang and Quang Nam, including the Linh Ung Pagoda, Pham Van Dong Beach, Hoi An ancient town and pay a visit to the Danang Associationof Agent Orange Victims.

Last year, from September 29th to October 11th, students and lecturers from SP and DTU enjoyed learning about making traditional crafts in the three rural villages. They worked with villagers at the Yen Ne 2 Hamlet in the Hoa Tien Commune, weaving bamboo. They prepared Ba Lieu sesame rice crackers in the Hoa Tho Dong Ward of Tuy Loan My Quang and made rice paper at the Hoa Phu 2 Hamlet in the Hoa Nhon Commune. From February 4th to 15th 2015, Ms. Tran Ngoc Phuong, from the DTU International school, and Pham Thi Tuyet Trinh, Vo Thi Hoai Tram and Hoang Minh Tung participated in a Design Thinking course at Singapore Polytechnic for Learning Express 2015.

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