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DTU Enters the National Finals of VUG Mini-Football Tournament

On March 21st, DTU met Back Khoa College at the Military Zone 5 Stadium in the regional finals of the tournament. In keeping with their reputation and thirst for victory, the two teams treated the onlookers to an exciting, intense match, with DTU triumphing over Back Khoa College 4-0. DTU won the regional round and advanced to the national finals in Ho Chi Minh City in May.
Joyful DTU players celebrate their victory  

Ranked as the top team of the group, Bach Khoa College was considered to be one of the strongest in the VUG Mini-Football competition. In the qualifying round, the Bach Khoa defense was so strong that their rivals were unable to beat them. In their match with DTU, however, Bach Khoa failed to take scoring opportunities during the match, with DTU lining up several top players. With their excellent tactics, DTU played consistently well, with many chances to score.

 DTU at the closing ceremony

Doan Ngoc Minh, who scored two goals for DTU, said: “We find it difficult to express our feelings today. It was the teamwork and tenacity of the whole team and the strong support of our trainers that won the match for us. We will certainly try our best to play as well in the national finals”.

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