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A Heartwarming Tet with students from Tay Giang District

On January 23rd, 2015, responding to the call from the Minister of Education and Training and the Chairman of the National Education Union of Vietnam concerning the mobilization of educational support to mountainous, isolated, remote and disadvantaged regions in 2014-2015, the DTU Union organized a distribution of books, stationery and gifts to mark the Tet Year of the Goat for students from the disadvantaged Tay Giang district in Quang Nam Province. This was one of the Union’s regular activities to help people in special circumstances overcome their difficulties.

The DTU Union gives presents to students in difficult situations
Bordering Laos, Tay Giang is a mountainous and poor district, inhabited mostly by people of the Co Tu ethnic group. For the children of Tay Giang, being able to go to school is a great pleasure. Clean classrooms with solid furniture and sufficient books and materials are a dream for all of them. By sympathizing with them and wanting to share in their difficulties, the DTU Union cares and gives them timely assistance.
Over 4,000 textbooks, reference materials, and workbooks, 55 student and teacher table sets, and five magnetic white-boards were given to the Nguyen Van Troi Ethnic Junior and Secondary Day School. The Union also gave 50 Tet presents worth 200,000 vnd each to students and families in particularly difficult circumstances, hoping to make a small contribution towards a merrier and warmer Tet for them all.

The DTU delegation takes a picture with the locals
In August 2014, the Tay Giang Department of Education and Training also received 80 student table sets from DTU. And again, in 2012-2013, the university Union raised donations and support for the teachers and students at the Bhalee Primary Day School in the Tay Giang District by giving them 7,000 clothes sets, 1,200 notebooks, 600 books and 1 ton of rice. This shows the compassion, “A whole leaf wrapping a torn leaf”, of the DTU staff and lecturers towards the people of Tay Giang, as well as others in difficulty.
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