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DTU Holds Lecturers’ Scientific Conference

DTU organized the Lecturers’ Scientific Conference on December 29th 2014. With about 60 scientific presentations by DTU lecturers, it became a meaningful forum where DTU staff and lecturers could exchange and share information and discover new research directions, to increase research in science and development and to bring applied research results with high effectiveness into real life.

The many staff members and lecturers at the Conference
There were five parallel sessions: one for Engineering, Technology, Architecture, and Environment; one for Economics, Hospitality, and Foreign Languages; one for Medicine and Pharmacology; one for Social Sciences and Political Theory; and one for Natural Sciences. The theoretical research with many new ideas and the applied research with potential to be put to actual use or become the basis for further research avenues were highly appreciated.
There were about 60 rather varied presentations. The session for Engineering, Technology, Architecture, and Environment comprised 24 titles about noteworthy issues, such as Researching Openstack open source solutions to construct “Cloud computing” providing “Infrastructure as a service”, Noise measurement methods, Researching oscillations in arch bridges under a moving load, and Heat-resistant solutions for Central urban dwellings. The Natural Sciences session contained rather advanced research, such as Researching dysprosium-doped crystals: applicability in LED technology, and Increasing surface Raman scattering on Nano probes for melamine detection.
A lecturer presents his scientific research
At the Medicine and Pharmacology session, a lot of needed research for hospitals, healthcare centers, and agricultural development were presented, such as Evaluation of care efficiency of type 2 diabetes patients under treatment at the Internal Medicine Department of the Lien Chieu district Healthcare Center in Danang, Survey of functional activities and health situation of the elderly in Danang, or Separation research to determine the chemical composition of a number of Eugenia Caryophyllata bud extracts. In the session for Economics, Hospitality, and Foreign Languages, on the other hand, the focus was on efficiently serving the economic development of Danang, such as with Exploiting culinary strengths for tourism in the Central Region, Developing Event tourism in Danang: Opportunities and challenges, and Current situation and career development opportunities for sales staff at supermarkets. At the session for Social Sciences and Political Theory, a lot of interesting research with meaning for political ideas and skills of the new era was presented, such as The issue of democracy in building a Socialist State in our country today, and Teaching ecological awareness through literature.
At the Conference, Dr Nguyen Minh Hung, Vice-Director of the Institute of Research and Development, gave a detailed overview of the formation, development, and achievements of the Institute in the last three years. Apart from forming international connections and publishing quality research in international ISI-indexed journals, the members of the Institute have also teamed up with lecturers to develop a lot of meaningful research, lifting research and training at the university to a new phase of development. There are currently seven research centers directly belonging to the Institute: the Center of Information Technology and Media, the Center of Molecular Biology, the Center of Material Sciences, the Center of Environmental Engineering, the Center for Calculation and Data Processing, the Center of Construction, Mechanics and Materials, and the Center of Development and Applications. These are the home to a lot of interesting research in fields such as ICT, Physics, Optics, Medicine and Pharmacy, or Molecular Biology. Some modern equipment imported from abroad - such as a 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR system, HPLC, FPLC, and PCR equipment, a fermentation system, a sample extraction system, a rotary evaporator, a nanodrop, a Raman spectrometer, and a fluoroscope - efficiently support the high-quality research being performed at DTU.

Distinguished Teacher. Le Cong Co speaks at the Conference
Distinguished Teacher. Le Cong Co said: “We have organized many lecturers’conferences before, but, with our 20 years of hands-on experience, this one is more comprehensive. The research presented today is the result of serious and dedicated work in training and research by our lecturers. The research in Engineering, Technology, and Environment is rather strong, with a lot of it being practical and efficient for real life; in Economics and Hospitality more effort is necessary, because developing research in these areas will be not a small support for the socio-economic development and for the exploitation of the inherent potential in the touristic sector of Danang. The scientific research executed by our lecturers also has utility for affirming the teaching and studying by teachers and students, as well as for its contributions to the evaluation of research and training quality at DTU. After developing for 20 years since the university’s foundation, a new road is opening, one which needs a lot of effort and hard work by staff and lecturers, such that DTU can be more dedicated to its path towards bettering people’s quality of living.”
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