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Conference on Student Scientific Research at DTU

The exhibition of the sophisticated research products that were the result of handwork and creative minds, together with the highly applicably scientific research reports, created a “hot” atmosphere at the Conference on Student Scientific Research organized at DTU on December 22, 2014. The conference acknowledged lecturers and students’ efforts in teaching and studying, with achievements to be proud of, based on the high-quality education and international cooperation DTU has been implementing over the last 20 years.

Exhibition of students’ scientific research products

The corridor in front of auditorium 713 - K7/25 Quang Trung was more abuzz than ever as a crowd of DTU students presented the variety of products that are the result of months of devoted scientific research. Many that had won high awards at national and international contests were presented there, such as the “A Low-cost Do-It-Yourself Water-Filtering System for Farmers” by Vo Truong Hoang Linh and Nguyen The Quynh Nhi, which earned them a first prize and the Champion’s Cup at the CDIO Academy 2013 contest at Harvard and MIT (US); the iKID web blocking software that got student Nguyen Tran Viet Chuong a silver medal at the Asian Youth Innovation contest, a first prize at Young Informatics Creative Software Programming contest in Danang, and a third prize at the the 2013 National Young Informatics competition; and designs that won second, third, and council prizes at the 2014 Loa Thanh Tournament.

Each DTU faculty brought products of distinctive style and character to the exhibition. In particular, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering had a great many with high feasibility for real use, such as a robot operated with gestures, a sensor system for stopping vehicles that go over traffic marks, or a smart urban management RFID application. The students of the Faculties of Environment and Pharmacy presented in detail a semi-automated injection system for exterminating Convolvulus on the Son Tra peninsula, urban wastewater management combining an aerobic model with an aquatic lake, organic waste use in making compost for agriculture, and so on.
A DTU student reports on her scientific research project

The unique and novel products by the students that participated in the Startup Wheel 2014 contest also garnered the students’ interest. In particular, there was the Businessman group’s versatile intelligent Cradle with functions such as automatic cart pusher, seesaw, and repelling insects through sound wave frequency.
DTU organized five subsessions for the students to report on the scientific research they successfully completed during their studies. The subsession of Electrical Engineering; Information Technology; Civil engineering, Architecture, and Environment; Management, Accounting, and Hospitality, and the Pharmacy, Nursing, Humanities and Social Sciences drew many lecturers and students to participate in the reporting and to give their opinions on each research project. The reports were quite diverse, ranging from rather “hot” societal topics - such as Researching housing trends in Danang, Bad debt management at commercial banks with State capital, Adventure and ecotourism development on the Son Tra peninsula, Selecting rhizosphere bacteria to stimulate salt-tolerant crops, Surveying environmental acidification, and Flood level warning system.

Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co hands a First prize to student of Faculty of Electricity and Electronics

After selecting the most outstanding reports from each subsession for presentation at the plenary session, the Organizing Committee awarded the outstanding research projects their prizes. The First prize went to the project “Warning system for stopping vehicles that go over the marking” by students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. The Second prize was awarded to the project “Researching student satisfaction about academic advice by DTU Accounting Faculty lecturers” by students of the Faculty of Accounting. Two Third prizes fell to the project “Developing the ‘magic browser’ app for Windows Phone” (searching for information by voice on mobile phones) by students from the Faculty of Information Technology, and “Survey of student opinions at the DTU Nursing Faculty about teaching and evaluation methods” by the students of the Faculty of Nursing. Two Consolation prizes were awarded to students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering for their project “Patrol robot”, and to students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering for their project “Programming drawing of stress tracking in static beams under arbitrary load and applying steel design to concrete beams”. A prize for the most impressively exhibited product was awarded to students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering with the project “Application of the Gyro sensor for steering a robot”.

Furthermore, the Organizers awarded the prizes for the Startup Wheel 2014 contest. A Second prize went to the CFV team, two Thirds were for the Businessman and Viet Handmade teams, and a Consolation prize fell to the HC-START team.

Having won the First prize for scientific reports with the project “Warning system for stopping vehicles that go over the marking”, Mai Thi Quynh Hoa of class K17EVT, Faculty of Electrial Engineering said: “At crossroads nowadays it still happens that people run a red light or stop beyond the traffic marking. That is why we designed this system: when drivers go over the white safety stripe, the system will automatically give a warning. We hope that this project will contribute to increase self-awareness and with it traffic safety for all. I am very happy with the First prize we just won. It is the fruit of passionate research with the enthusiastic support of the experienced teachers of DTU. The investments DTU made in modern facilities and equipment have helped us, students of the Faculty to very efficiently execute a lot of socially useful research.”

Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, said: “Looking at our students’ scientific research results, one can evaluate the educational quality and competence of our lecturers and the knowledge of our students. Therefore, in 2015 we should organize more and more conferences like this one. Specifically, conferences should be organized in each faculty and each research group. It is the regularly organized conferences and research activities that will boost training, researching, exchanging, and learning knowledge and experience for students. We live in an age of integration, and knowledge is our greatest strength to improve as a human being and to develop society. That is why all lecturers and all students of DTU need to put even more effort in their studies and their scientific research, to give society products of utility and which will increase the quality of people’s lives.”
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