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IBM BlueMix - Programming Technology and Business in the Cloud workshop

Aiming to provide students with information and the benefits of cloud computing, IBM Vietnam, in collaboration with DTU, organized the workshop “IBM BlueMix - Programming Technology and Business in the Cloud”, on 27th September 2014 in Hall 713 - K7/25 Quang Trung, Danang. Attendees included Mr. Huynh Van Tung, Director the IBM Vietnam Innovation Center; Mr Nguyen Khiem, Responsible of the IBM Vietnam Academic Initiative Program; and a lot of staff, teachers, and students of the DTU International School.
IBM Vietnam representative speaking at the workshop
At the workshop, Mr Huynh Van Tung presented useful information about the newest cloud technology, IBM BlueMix, to the students. IBM BlueMix is a new cloud-based platform of open standard which can be used for quick development, management, and running of all kinds of applications, from web, mobile, and big data, to smart devices. With the hardware, operating system, and software provided by the IBM BlueMix cloud computing platform, users only need a computer with internet connection, and skill and creativity, to develop many apps, implement them, and even conduct business-so-called “born-in-the-cloud business”.
At the workshop, DTU students not only had the opportunity to learn about and experience one of the most advanced and newest technologies of IBM, but they could also register for the “Mobile app development on BlueMix” contest, which will be kicked off in November 2014. Mr Huynh Van Tung emphasized: "We hope that, through today’s workshop and through the comingIBM BlueMix contest, we can help you, tech-loving youths, to develop your capacities and creativity and to open up new directions for starting new businesses. The Mobile app development on BlueMix contest is also a good opportunity for you to exchange ideas, to learn, to express your technological ideas useful for life and society, and to bring home some big awards of global value."
DTU students asking IBM Vietnam questions
Chosen to provide cloud computing services to the best enterprises in the US, IBM announced three important initiatives related to cloud computing in the first four months of 2014 - IBM BlueMixamong them. Having successfully organized the “IBM BlueMix - Programming Technology and Business in the Cloud” workshop at DTU, IBM has brought DTU students opportunities for practice and research, and new experiences motivating them for future dreams and aspirations.
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