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DTU Hosts International Conferences on Photonics and Spectroscopy

On August 13th, DTU hosted the 8th International Conference on Photonics and the National Conference on Spectroscopy, in collaboration with the Institute of Physics of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. Two hundred and sixty national and international scientists attended. The conferences provided a forum for world renowned researchers to stimulate and enhance interest in Photonics, Optics, Lasers, Optical Sensors, Spectroscopy and related topics.
Transferring Scientific Research to Danang Hi-Tech Park  
DTU was chosen as the host of the Eighth International Conference on Photonics and the National Conference on Spectroscopy by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, which was held from 12th to 16th August, with more than two hundred and sixty delegates from countries including Japan, Korea, Australia, Laos, Myanmar, the Philippines, Holland, Belarus and Vietnam. In 2013, DTU had successfully hosted the International Conference on Spectroscopy, with seventy attendees.
 Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co gives a speech at the conference
Distinguished Teacher Le Cong Co, DTU President and Provost, said:”I warmly welcome two hundred and sixty scientists from all over the world to attend the two conferences at DTU. This event has great significance, as DTU is commemorating its twentieth anniversary this year. Danang has worked hard to overcome many difficulties and challenges to develop our city into a hub of Information Technology and Tourism and Hospitality, and has meanwhile become the most livable city in Vietnam. Based on this, DTU has also developed steadily to become a multi-discipline, multi-level university, with eighteen thousand students. Over the years, DTU has attached special importance to the improvement of training and research. I hope that those who have supported DTU will continue to work with us to build a Research institute in this field to boost education and research in the near future.”
Scientists at the conference
Danang has launched its development plan for industrialization and modernization, using clean and green technology between now and 2020 and the city government is developing a hi-tech zone, to make the city an attractive place for national and foreign investment and research. At the event, Dr. Vo Duy Khuong, Standing Vice-Chairman of the Danang People’s Committee, said: “Danang in general, and DTU in particular are very honored to host the eighth international conference on the fields of Optical, Laser and Photonics technologies. We are sure that this event will be an excellent opportunity for scientists to exchange their interests and research in related topics and develop partnerships and the transfer of advanced technology with other countries. I hope that in a near future the outcome of these conferences will accelerate productivity in the Danang Hi-Tech zone.”
Quality Improvement and Global Integration
More than one hundred and fifty papers were presented at the two conferences, demonstrating the aspirations and interests of researchers in Optics, Photonics and Spectroscopy. The high quality of research papers played an important role in the success of the conference. This is a measure of the improvements in the qualifications and effectiveness of Vietnamese researchers our age of global integration.  Professor Nguyen Van Hieu, Former President of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, said: “Conducting fundamental scientific research has become a very important mission to us today. To keep pace with the latest developments in Physics Vietnamese scientists should pay much more attention to the quality of their research. We thank you for the sustained support of international organizations in the development of science in Vietnam and we look forward to receiving even more in the future. Also, I would like to thank the people of Danang for your hospitality and DTU for your excellent organization in hosting these two conferences.”
National and international scientists at the opening  
The ICPA focused on the following topics: Optics, Spectroscopy and Laser technology, Photonics Materials and Devices, Spectroscopy of Nano and Photonic Materials and their applications. DTU presented five papers at the conference. These researches will be selected and critiqued before being published in the summary record of the conference.
During the plenary session, several well-known scientists presented their research papers, including Masayuki Katsuragawa, from the Department of Engineering Science, at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan, V.A. Orlovich, S.N.Bagaev, V.I.Dashkevich and N.V.Kuleshov, from the Stepanov Institute of Physics, N.A.S, in Belarus, Kaoru Yumanouchi, from the School of Science at the University of Tokyo, in Japan and YongTak Lee, Director of APRI, at GIST in Korea and others.
Professor Lee said: “I am happy to have a chance to visit Vietnam for the first time and make friends here. I think this program offers a great opportunity for participants to exchange their research findings and their achievements and interests in photonics and laser-related topics. I hope that ICPA 8 will be successful in every way to promote the future of Photonics, Spectroscopy and related topics.”
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