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Sandy Beach Resort Donates Tourist Publications to DTU

On June 24th, Mr. Chong Chwee Oh, Director-General of the Sandy Beach Resort came to DTU to donate tourism magazines and publications to the DTU Hospitality and Tourism Faculty, which will prove to be invaluable materials for students.   

Mr. Oh donates publications to DTU

Since their partnership with DTU began in 2012, the Sandy Beach Resort has provided DTU students with excellent opportunities for internships, field trips and full-time employment, in an international setting. DTU is upgrading the English language skills of the staff there and providing highly-qualified workers for the resort.

Sandy Beach Resort representatives and DTU lecturers
At the event, Chong Chwee said: "We expect these publications, 'In Essence' published by Centara in celebration of their thirtieth anniversary, 'City Pass', 'The Coastal Vietnam Guide' and others, will provide students with a broad overview of tourism throughout Vietnam and reinforce the relationship between us. In the near future, we will create more internships, field trips and job opportunities for DTU students at the Sandy Beach Resort."

The partnership enables DTU students to broaden their knowledge and gain more useful experience in preparation for their future careers.

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