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Graduation Ceremony for B17 students of the DTU Second Degree Program

On December 29th, DTU held a graduation ceremony for B17 Second Degree students. Attendees included Mr. Nguyen Huu Phu, DTU Vice-Provost and Head of Academic Affairs, Deans of Faculties, Centre Directors, students’ parents and B17 students.

Addressing the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Huu Phu congratulated students on their achievements and said: “The certificates you are going to receive today result from your hard work and the support of DTU, your family and our community. You will now have opportunity to develop your knowledge and skills and demonstrate your capabilities in your forthcoming careers.”
B17 Second Degree students give flowers to Mr. Nguyen Huu Phu and Mr. Ha Dong at the ceremony
According to a report from Mr. Ho Ha Dong, Director of the Second Degree Center, there were 377 graduates this December, including 359 from B17, 12 from B16 and 6 from B15. The number of B17 graduates accounted for 51 and 66% of the total number of students at the beginning and end of the academic year respectively.  Among the 359 B17 students, there were 58 with excellent grades, 135 with very good, 178 with good and 6 with fairly good grades. Mr. Ho Ha Dong also offered some advice: “The knowledge and skills you have acquired will be the foundation for you to begin your future career confidently. However, you should always keep trying to learn more and more to get the best out of your careers and lives.”
Mr.Nguyen Huu Phu awards certificates to B17 students   

At the event, lecturer Nguyen Kim Duc, Deputy-Head of Academic Affairs, announced a decision by the DTU provosts to grant certificates to 377 students. 6 valedictorians from 6 majors in the second degree program were also awarded merit certificates and gifts.

Nguyen Phuoc Le Hung (of B17KKT1 class) shared: “We have many memories of DTU over the past two years. Our achievements are thanks to an advanced program, qualified and dependable lecturers and our hard work. Completing this course at DTU will enable us to choose better jobs and develop our careers to make our dreams come true”.

In 2003, the Ministry of Education and Training authorized second degree programs at DTU, which have since provided students with greater flexibility to choose the jobs most suited to their preferences and capabilities and contribute fully to local and national workforce.

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